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This blog titled to my name “Aashutosh Sapkota” is my personal blog where I share things that are completely personal but I have others blogs too like I have a blog where I write down the ghosts stories and I have another blogs where I share my philosophical ideas, inspiring quotations from great people around the world.

Haunting Ghosts In Kathmandu Valley – This is the blog with the ghosts stories in it. Most of the stories included in this blog are the ones that people told me when I was a child. But I am planning to give it a new look by generating more new short but scary ones.

Philosophy Homes – This is the blog where I share ideas – somewhat philosophical, ideas that are simple which you hear everyday. Some ideas are ambiguous, some are good to hear, some inspires you and some do the opposite – a kind of mixture of things and thoughts.

Reblogs – This is where I have collected all my reblogged posts from different writers. If I have ever reblogged your post you can find it here and if you do not find it here I may have forgotten to link it to the page but anyone can surely find it by searching some keywords about the post from the search box.

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. Keep Reading. Keep Sharing


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