I see you everyday out of my window

"It's been around 4 days and you are blooming outside my window. Every morning I wake up and pull my curtains to side and I see you smiling to me. I know you will wither after some days but before that let me make a memory of you in my blog."


The Day Today – Rain

I love the rain. What about you ? Let me know in the comments below. I wrote about the rain in the afternoon and now I went out and got some glimpses of the rainy season around my hostel garden. It is amazing to be out watching the droplets fall from the sky to the... Continue Reading →

Android Iron-Rust Wallpaper Series

New Wallpapers today. Do you love the color brown ? If yes, then you must once try these in your mobile wallpapers. Click Here >> To Download Android Iron-Rust Wallpaper Series Click Here >> To Download Android Nature Wallpapers

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