Everything of Me Changed: The Day of Ultimate Realization

Something great happened today! Something wonderful happened today! The ultimate bliss started to transcend inside me and I was very different than any other day taken in account in my entire life. I could feel the real internal me. I could feel that flower of daisy with the scent of Jasmine and the life of... Continue Reading →


Creativity loss is also a creativity sometimes

So, this takes us back to the date when I had written this poem, "Creativity Loss" and updated that to be the content of my blog. The extent to which I remember I had written that poem to express my condition of creativity heading to make no sense in myself. You can get the poem... Continue Reading →

I am Glocal’s 20 Under 20.

I applied for the same GTH 2017 but but back then I was merely a inventor, a robotics guy and tech freak. And that was not enough for me to be identified as Glocal Teen Hero 2017 (GTH 2017). But looking around me the skills I had, seemed to be important for the youths like... Continue Reading →

My Poem in the Newspaper

I always wanted my writings to get published. And today I have headed for the start of the publishing journey. Start is easy but the sustainability to the work to meet a purpose is always a hardest thing to attain. We are not going to be the same everyday and we may not be thinking... Continue Reading →

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