Describing “It” : Aashutosh Poems’

We want everything of “it”,
but we can’t get everything of “it”.
Unclear in itself,
These statement explains every bit of “it”.
The “it” that needs a meaning,
The “it” that cannot be defined by it’s definition,
The “it” that has no start
The “it” that has no end
The “it” that can start now and end in seconds
The “it” that can start now and never end
The “it” that has no greed
The “it” that has no seed
You do not grow “it”
“It” grows in it’s own
You do not need to find “it”
“It” finds you and chooses you, to be with it
That “it” which was never yours but stays with you every time
That “it” which you wish for but never comes
That “it” which we never lose,
But feel bad when its gone.
That “it” which gives my words a meaning
That “it” which defines you and me,
But remain meaningless within it.
Yes, I am searching “it”.
Yes, I am finding “it”.
One day, we all we miss “it” and soemday will come,
even though we want “it”, we need to leave it.
“It” is complex.
“It” is simple,
You see “it” everywhere, but never you can catch “it”,
Lost and found is a game which “it” plays, but do you know he never loves it.
“It” is different, different than you, different than me,
The “It” that made me, the “it” that send me, the “it” that is listening, and laughing about how I am describing it.


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