This is the reality and people don’t believe it : Aashutosh Poems’

There are demons around,

this thought is not letting me experience the peace,

Abandoned and locked far away,

I want to go to deep sleep.

Random thoughts, a lot of desires,  and a design of purpose is lacking.

I just am worn out, well, that is the thinking I am eradicating.


The power I am searching for, is never going to happen to me,

because subconsciously I think I am somewhat lacking,

to gain it,

to re-frame it,

to channel it to a cause,

but indeed I am trying.


I feel the wind shattering me when I am walking,

the whistles around me, are making me feel,

I am worthless trying,

also are making me die inside but I am still smiling.


P.S. After a long time a new incomplete poems gets published in my blog.


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