Beach : I want to travel : Episode 1

I want to travel, episodes, are going to be the articles of the places I want to travel in the future. I will for sure go to these places and that travel is going to be soon.

I want to reach a place with beach and blue ocean. Like everyone does, I want to sit on the edge and enjoy the view and look at the sun who will keep smiling with me all the day long. I will have coconut water, have chips and chill out with strangers.

I will make friends with strangers, the people whom I have never seen, whom I may never see but have the same desires at the time I am with them, that is too enjoy the beach and people.

Like every other human in the world I have wish to get fulfilled when I get to the beach. I will write a letter in a paper put it inside a glass bottle, bottle of wine maybe and let it flow to freely. I wish someone would get the paper and I would be more surprised if they set a quest just to find me. Haha ! sounds like a fairy tale, I guess. But who knows, what could happen, so I am going to take my chances.

P.S. I forget to mention that I have not been to beach but by my words and happiness expressed you may have found it out by yourself.

I will soon be coming with another episode of my travel place.

Hope you liked it.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed !


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