Pickle : Nepali Pickles

This note is for the people who are especially out of Nepal and does love trying the spices all around the world. If you are a foodie and ever been to Nepal I bet you must have tried pickles made here. Most of the pickles made here in Nepal are the mixture of pickle items, handmade spices with the love of the maker.

I believe making pickle requires some amount of love too as love enters the pickle the more beautiful it becomes in it’s nature; whether it’s spicy, sour or sweet sour combo.

My mom makes them too and they are just cool. If I do not like to eat the food in my plate, the catalyst to get me done with my plate is the pickle in jars you see above. The pickle above in the photo are the pickles made by my mom and this time when I am leaving for my hostel I am going to take my favorite ones.

In my favorite pickle lists falls “the spicy mango pickle”,” the lemon pickle” and the ones made out of cooking the spices in the “lemon juice”. If you want to know more about pickles just tell me and I will blog more about them. And the one of the pictures of the lemon pickle is below.


Those are the ones left, I had a lot of them when I was back home from hostel. To give you an idea how much I had, the pickle jar was full when I started having them and this is the result after 4 days. Haha !!

Stay Happy !! Stay Blessed !! Keep Blogging ! Keep Reading.


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