I am Glocal’s 20 Under 20.

I applied for the same GTH 2017 but but back then I was merely a inventor, a robotics guy and tech freak. And that was not enough for me to be identified as Glocal Teen Hero 2017 (GTH 2017). But looking around me the skills I had, seemed to be important for the youths like me and they had no idea where to get them.

And there came “Rising Youths” taking different programs for youths and delivering them with the robotics skills, invention skills and not only that we headed to the path of their empowerment and also provided then with the skills that they need to daily life and professional life.

Living in the present world, certain set of skills are important for everyone. For instance, the skills of reading, writing and speaking is vital since centuries. When we write we express our ideas and thoughts into words. Similarly, when we read we get to know a lot information and the art of speaking help us deliver everything we write and read. So, taking this into account we from “Rising Youths” started providing people with the skills of presentation, and public speaking. Parallel with it we did trained people for skills of writing simple articles and took their writing training to next where they learn to write CV, portfolios, report and sponsorship proposals. Seems, like very usual things but although being vulnerable to all the information the present generation us like has no information. We also started training people how to be a great leader and be the one who can be as an ideals and the one to inspire the mass.

And this journey of empowering the youths, training them to make a leader and developing their personality through their own works and ideas has lead me today to fall under Glocal’s 20 Under 20.

Keep Leading ! Keep Empowering ! Stay Happy !


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