Clouds, Wind and The Peace – The Day of Trip, Hike and Learning

And this is about yesterday, where some people and me reached a place to enjoy the nature and the peace.

The plan was made on “Saturday” where everyone agreed that they will be with us but yesterday where people must be 20, we ended up with having 13. Leaving the numbers back, my Saturday was hectic and my roommates did not help me to get a good range sleep. I woke up at 8 and ended all of my daily routines reached college at 10:00 where we all were supposed to meet.

Everyone was waiting for the whole day journey which was about to begin and I was the one just woke up from sleep but I too happy indeed. We bought the stuffs which we would eat and headed to the place from where we could take bus and reach the place from where the walk would start and after certain hours of walk we would reach a place with the clouds, wind and the peace waiting.

We waited for the bus and as always never got into the first one, certainly that is due lack of empty seat but before our patience was gone we got a bus with the seat for us all 13.

I took a window seat and pushed the window wide open to give me a feel of wind. The horns of the busy street somewhat disturbed my ear but the sky with the clouds made me forget the place I was in. I kept staring at them, I did not even feel that the bus was moving. Took around 15 minutes we reached the place to start the walking part of the trip.

As I descend my foot in the ground it returned me its smell. I felt the humidity of the air and started my footsteps ahead. With my 2 feet leading, followed other 24 feet. We did not just walk but did something that we call a chatter, discussed things about how beautifully that a nature can be represented in words, about the sound that can be the part of the memory and how it can give you thoughts of all the day; be a thing to give memory refreshment to your brain.

We saw people not from our country, but seemed to be our aged students, building school wall and which made us at the same time feel proud and shame. The things we should be doing was being done by foreigners but this thought concluded that humanity exist and we all people are same.

I was thinking if it rains it’s going to be bad. It is not that I do not love rain but the jungle we were going to pass may provide us with the leeches and most of trip-mates were new to the path and some people even haven’t seen leeches in their entire life but I wished that overall journey to be good; with this thought of me we all had reached the ticket counter to of the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.

We bought tickets and headed towards the destination; Nagi Gumba — which would certainly take us about 2 and half hours of walk.

e started to climb the height and with this the photography begun. People approaching their phones and camera, creating the moments of the day to have it as a memory in coming days. Everyone seem to enjoy the journey, some where walking fast and some slow according to their pace.

We passed the waterfall, We passed through streams also in the meantime different new and old sounds of the nature screamed. We talked about jungles, we talked about life, we talked about skills, our vision, sound, smell and choice. We tasted different view and walked even if were tired, because we had a place to reach and we had limited time.

We reached the place after about in 2 hours. We rested, some took photos, me as always amazed my the peace of the place seem to have a different thought process in mind. Everyone was hungry, everyone was tired. We sat down a tree and had today’s diet — for some of us it was too much and for some of us it was not fulfilling. But overall we had food and fun but the clouds blocked our view to whole Kathmandu City.

We had simple writing session where we talked about how to write journey articles, where we discussed about the things which we could include and the way we could represent them.

Describing the place “Nagi Gumba”, it is full of peace. It is a beauty in the middle of all the beast. A hill beside with the clouds running up make it more beautiful to see. Monks living there had a peaceful face and that seemed fulfilling and there were dogs which were calm and seemed to affected positively my the environment of peace. If you never have been here then please once you must need to pay a visit.

Now the time was for returning, we returned the same way. During the return we discussed about our studies, we discussed how tired we were and about how late we were going to get; not only that but also we discussed about our next event. Overall saying, we had a great hike today.

In the returning process we visited a religious place, “Budhanilkantha Temple”, situated in the place from where the walk of the hiking started. We all then got into a bus and returned to our college. Biding goodbye to everyone, we headed home thinking about what we had done the whole day.

Guys, those who were at hiking, if you are reading this I surely think that you have enjoyed it and took a lot of photos as memory and this day was also the beginning of our photography event. Hope you all will be in this group and you will be supporting the same way till the end.

Happy Blogging ! Keep Travelling ! Keep Smiling – As life is too short to be sad all the time.


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