My Poem in the Newspaper

I always wanted my writings to get published. And today I have headed for the start of the publishing journey.

Start is easy but the sustainability to the work to meet a purpose is always a hardest thing to attain. We are not going to be the same everyday and we may not be thinking the same what we are thinking right now the next minute. And the case with me is more critical, swings of the thinking with me like the tides of the ocean, can rise and fall anytime with no warnings. But sharing this moment with you all I always live up the present moment with this great feeling of happiness, with a smile on my face.

I have written a lot of poems but never kept record of them. I never liked my poems but people started to like them. Not everyone, loves the writings but at least some of them do. With the growing age and the maturity of my mind I found out that this thing is with almost everything. No matter how great you write there will be someone who will not like the things you write, criticize your every words, say you that you are not worth achieving the things you have achieved, therefore, just express what you have, do what you love to do; do not mind your criticizers and haters.

The link of the newspaper where my poem is published is:

This was the poem which I had updated in my blog a long time ago. The link of the poem in my blog is :

Guys hope you will like my words in the poem.

Happy Life ! Happy Blogging !


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