National Youth Fest 2018 – My Slam Poetry

I always have loved poetry but never ever had performed in the stage. I once had stood first in the Poetry Competition while I was in my school but back then my love for poetry was only for to win a poetry competition. But that day when I was awarded the certificate in front of the school assembly I had a question inside – “Am I really worth receiving this?”. I started to write poems for the wall magazine of the school. Even I have written more than 100 poems till now; and already have lost most of them. Even having done all these things I have never have published any of these poems in newspaper or source outside the school or college. This hobby of mine is continued inside me and my diary of thoughts.

But “National Youth Fest” about which I have blogged a few weeks ago was the place that provided me the opportunity for unleashing the art of poetry to the real world and to the real people. Even, the poetry above is based on my imagination of a boy who loses a girl whom he loved the most, seems to have moved a lot of person who are around me. I was recommended by most of my friends to upload a blog on this. So, for you friends the blog is here.

And lastly I would like to thank the national college for posting the video in their YouTube channel and also for providing an immense opportunity for letting me participate in the “National Youth Fest – 2018” and also I extend my gratitude to the whole team of National Youth Fest for organizing such a memorable days for me.

If you people want to know about what I have done in “National Youth Fest” and also about the event in the brief you can visit my blog post : >> National Youth Fest – 2018 <<

And I wanted to share my certificate that I got in my school to all my friends and to all my readers. “Like all people I do love sharing things.” 🙂


Even though some of the part of the certificate is ruined, memory is memory right.


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