What it brings me the memory of ??

A memory of a moment is a memory for life.

-Aashutosh Sapkota

The above photo brings me the memory of my home, where I was free to do stuffs and restricted to some, where I used to eat apples in the morning and a glass of milk at night. With time most of the things have changed, the garden of the home is different; different in terms they do not match the color with the present one. Mostly my garden at home were full of yellow and orange flowers, you could find some pink ones, some white, blue and purple ones but the color red was rare. But where I am currently residing my hostel most of the flowers get their color to be red; red for the victory.

Being home was fun and although I used to arrive home just 3 times to 4 times a week. I was given a lot of freedom to roam wherever I wanted, I used to visit friends home a lot and reside there not for hours but for days. All the memories now I have seem to have a great memory of my life I guess.

And I wanted to write something about today. Well, I needed to take date for SAT examination. I entered the college board site and started to fill up the form and at the end when I needed to select center for my SAT examination I found that every seats were already reserved. Well, the deadline is September 7 but seats are already packed in June 11, that is a very bad news for me today. Now, I need to take my SAT test on December 1; that means that I am going to be very late to apply for the early decision. And the probability of me getting the scholarship is going to decrease for sure.

Coming back to the photo, it is one of the photos taken when I just had got my new mobile which stays with me till date – “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G”. I used to click photos the whole day of different amazing and sometimes crazy stuffs.

Thanks for reading man. I feel like even my writings are becoming boring these days. Seems like I did a good job starting a new blog : I am Boring

I think the new blog suits me a lot. But I really, really and really do not want to get bored but my mind gets the boring serum every day; I have nothing to do for it.

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. happy Blogging.


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