The Rain and The Umbrella

Everything in this world have their beautiful relation with someone but the relationship of the rain with the umbrella is something amazing.
-Aashutosh Sapkota

Umbrella is used in rains and during sunlight too but talking about the need of an umbrella we can clearly distinguish the more need factor and that tilts towards the rain. Well some of my readers may argue that sunlight too has equal importance to have the relationship with the  umbrella but friends sunlight does have a relation with the umbrella but the type of relation that exists between the rain and the umbrella is not like any other that has ever existed.

Sunlight is like a best friend to the umbrella but rain is it’s soulmate, the life partner for living sake. People talk about love, the stay in relationship but these two – “the rain and it’s soulmate” – are the ones that is an symbol for all the great love relations that has ever existed. Seeing them together feels like they are made for each other but when umbrella does not let me touch the rain I feel somewhat jealous. Well, I move my hand outside the shade of the umbrella but my mom, utters rain is beautiful but it also comes with the cold, my boy. Mom is right, actually every mom of the world are always right, well leaving some of the conditions apart. I have a severe cold right now which I actually got after walking in rain for half hour.

When I see the clouds, I see those beautiful droplets they are carrying. I wish I could be able to fly with them. But they need to fall to the earth to meet me. And when they started coming down to the earth, only then I could identify something that loved the rain truly, and that is none other than the umbrella, whenever the rain approaches the earth, something that wants to get opened is umbrella. Even though we humans are the one who opens it but is designed to meet the rain when it descends in the earth. Well, it may sound somewhat crazy but if you know the universal language and ever been able to talk to the rain, then ask it. Whom do you love? The answer will be the – “My dearest Umbrella”.


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