Rotaract District Assembly And Recognition Ceremony

“Service Above Self.”

I am back after a long in my blog and today I am going to write about something latest, about the things done today. The article today will be all about the experience that I had from the “Rotaract District Assembly and Recognition Ceremony” held at “DAV School, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu”.

If you are a participant of this event then you must surely have enjoyed it to a certain extent and I am sure that you were able to grab a ample of information about Rotaract and also have got valuable information through the sessions. You may have have had a lot of new, or some old experiences in the today’s event, so do I. I would like to share some of my experiences of the today’s event.

I was already late and not looking at my Facebook message made me reach the DAV school in my casual uniform. But I had something else requested in my message – ” I needed to be in my formals.” Well, sorry for that. I apologize for that to the “Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town”. Yes, I am from “RAC of Kathmandu Mid-Town”. And I feel happier for that the past president from our club for being officially installed as DRR Rota-Year 2018-19. Well, we all congratulated “Rtr. Saugat Gautam Dai” for this but I would like to congratulate him again personally here in my blog.

“Saugat” bro if you are reading this I want to tell you that, ” I have been hearing a great stories about you from our fellow Rotaractors and hope that you are going to give us a great ROTA year.”

We had different session with a lot of knowledge being distributed by a lot of personalities. But the bad news was that we could not participate in all of them as we were having parallel session and we needed to choose two sessions out of eight. Kind of upsetting but even those two sessions seemed to have given me a general prospective about the subject matter of it’s content and also approaches that should be taken to know about them  more in depth.

Sharing the today’s schedule it was like this :20180708_163735-1

And let me talk something about today’s seminar.

I needed to be in the session of “Report Writing” in the first session but as the participant in the “Report Writing Session” we already full, I with my fellow rotaractor “Rtr. Mang Singh Aidee” were advised to attend the “Project Planning and Management for Rotaract Session” as it was the only session left with the empty participant seats. It is good to have something rather than having nothing – “a thought ran in my head”. So we entered the session room. Filled with all enthusiastic youths everyone seem to have a eagerness to learn something new today. Our trainer for the session “Sanjeev Dahal Sir” were also good at explaining such a huge aspect -“Projects” – to our little matured brains who just viewed projects as the science projects given at school.  Don’t know about other fellow Rotractors but I surely got a new idea about project management in that seminar. I do not quite remember where the talk about the C.V. and resume started but Dahal sir taught us a great lesson about how to manage of resume if we are applying something important in our life. “Sanjeev Dahal Sir” if you are reading this then I would I like thank you for providing us your valuable time and lesson of life with such beautiful words and smile.

Moving on to the second session I had the opportunity to attend the session of “Fund Raising in Rotaract”. This session was also too fun. We had “Bijaya Sharma Sir” as our trainer in this session. We were challenged with his critical thought questions at the beginning of the session but as the session went forward we come to know how important his questions were for taking the aspects into the brain which he was going to teach us. His story of his experience while involving in the Rotaract events and the way he cleared our thoughts in common fund raising myths seemed to be the vital part of his training. He did not only teach us about the problems we face during fund raising  but also the way to solve them with examples from his experience. In summary the session can be taken using the keynote provided by him. The keynotes are:

  • Self Sustaining Project Plan
  • Long Term Partnership
  • Sponsorship in kind-not only cash
  • Correct words to appropriate person
  • Pricing and Cost Estimation

These all the points are taken from the presentation presented by “Bijaya Sharma Sir”. So all the credit for the above points goes to him.

“Bijaya Sharma” sir if you are reading this then I would like to thank you for both a great session and reading this post.

And at the end we ended the day with a cold ice-cream. Ice-cream was fun at the end of the day – both because it is summer and we were tired. Finally, I want to end my words saying that, – “I had a day with people with great thoughts and sharing great knowledge. So, there is no way I could call this day a waste.”

And for all the readers thank you for reading it till the end.

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. Happy Blogging.


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