People are blessed, but we are gifted

Seems like a long ago, but not that long like in the ancient stories. May be around a year ago, we had clicked this above photo. I did not have this one with myself but was requested by me, to the person on your right hand side in the photo to send me via Viber for certain purpose; with the time I forgot what the purpose was but this photo intended to stay in my gallery till today when I finally notice it and write about it here in my blog.

Well the photo seems lucky to go live in the internet and live forever until this this weirdo thing called internet exist.

Dressed in typical Nepali cultural dress my friend is a hero, right? Well he does not have such a personality right now, that does not mean I am trying to explain that he is no more a hero looking guy. He has changed a lot by the way. But looking at me comparing to him I have not changed to that level to which he has attended.

The photo reminds me of song by Ed Sheeran – “Photograph”. The verse from the song, –

Hm, we keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts were never broken
And time’s forever frozen still

is something that suits for the photo. And of all these 5 lines I take the last one for the best. Although, it talks about something that is humanly impossible, but is practically possible with the photographs – “freezing time”. I wish I could do that. But so sad, the reality says something else.

Friend, yes I can call him that – but we had more than a friendship. Yes, it is about the guy in the typical Nepalese culture dress. Describing him would be a discredit to him, as he does this far better than me for almost everyone. He is more of a idea rival and change seeker. He wants to be happy is his very way, loves challenges but knows his limits, he has a reality based on this thoughts and opinions, he limits himself sometimes but he knows when is his time to take a flight. He devotes life to the country and society with a balance of his own. He knows whom to friend and what they are good for. He finds faults in our ideas but not for that he wants us to fail, but to make us secure for that we don’t fail for the stupidity of the idea that internally prevails.


I still remember designing a board game for him and also a poster of the series – “FRIENDS”. He did not tell me whom he was going to gift that but he told that I would also get one. Well, that day never came. I do not know he printed it or not as we did not talk about the poster in the future days.

I love the way he criticizes me to be the best, his thinking for sure is critical but do not have idea about the rest. “Aimed to be a cricketer”, I heard him saying it a day. I do not how his future will look like but he will be a man of value for sure. He and me we both have memories together. I forgot the name of that cafe outside the “GEMS College” but believe me we had a lot of fun there.

Sanskar – his name – I forgot to mention it till the end. Hey, Sanskar if you are reading this then I would I like to tell you, that we had a great time together in these two years of “A Levels”. People have “best friends” but we are legends and we have a “brotherhood”, my friend.

That is all for now my friend.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed ! Happy Blogging


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