Shailee Chitrakar & Anit Thapa – The Mentors

Yesterday I blogged about the National Youth Fest – 2018. If you want to see yesterday’s post >> Click Here << .

So, today is the day when I write something about two person’s on the same day. Writing about people is something I am going to do after a long time. I really do not know how their life is who they are, where they live and what are their problems and so on. But the three days we spent with them was great. Did I say we ? Yes we – the “Incredible Creators”.

Categorized as Group – E, formally named as “Incredible Creators” and informally as – ” Red Bull”, we made a great team in ourselves and these two mentors – “Anit Thapa” and “Shailee Chitrakar” made our days.

We got three days for being with them. Co-operative to team they always gave us the idea how we could improve all the ideas we have. They also asked us various questions that helped us to be known to our team. They listened to our ideas and instead of demotivating them – they helped us figure out the most good way to reach the idea and also told about the improvements that we can make in that idea.

I am not writing about them only because they have done the things that I talked about just in the past paragraph but they have left something undefinable, something a lot more than which cannot be expressed through words but I will try my best to express the thoughts that I have regarding them.

They both played a vital role for our these 3 days at – Nationa Youth Fest 2018.

Hey ! If any of you two are reading this; the poem below is dedicated to you two:

You were like the preacher,

and we were like the follower of your preach.

You were the elements of the coal mine,

that gave us a diamond like breath.

You were the light to show,

the way in the darker path.

You were the support,

you were the credit of all our art.

We were the vehicles,

and you were the path.

Thank you mentors.


Thanks for all the guidance and all fun that was possible in the discussion sessions – it won’t have been possible if you two weren’t there to mentor us. If you two think the words are expressed more for you than it should have been – then let me tell you something, – “you weren’t wrong till now but this have to have been a wrong thought for now !”. You were mentors and you do not get that responsibility for free – you need some responsible characters and skills of handle the situations – the situations that we went through 3 days.

Your lesson about how having fun is more important than winning seem to take in account in most of our teammates experience. You were right – we are family from now !



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