National Youth Fest – 2018

I was about to leave for my internship at Dhaasoo. I disconnected the charger of my phone so that I could keep it inside the bag and as soon as I picked the phone up it rang, in a sweet voice a girl told me – ” You have been removed from the waiting list and finally selected for the National Youth Fest – 2018″. She asked was I able to reach the National College or not? She told that they had already started the session, ” Will you attend the fest ?”

What should I do ? – a thought ran inside my head.

As always curious to know about different things, meeting people and making friend network was a kind of interest that I had  before this day too. So, I gave a thought well this event is going to make me able to meet a lot of people and know about them and also the event had different sessions and brilliant mentors who will guide us through our way for three days. I said – ” Yes ! I would come.”, without giving any second thought.

Today was the second day of the NYF – 2018 and tomorrow is the last.

We were questioned to answer the question – ” What are your expectations with the program ?”. I keep almost no expectations with everything because – the less you expect will be a cause to provide you happiness with the small things that you receive, more happiness equals more productiveness and satisfaction in us.

Shailee Di and Anit  – they are great mentors for our team. They have helped a lot to improve our performance to a greater level.

And our teammates, Rashmi, Siddhartha, Dikchya, Unish, Manju, Bimal, Shewta and Saira. They all are unique in themselves. Everyone of them are filled with enthusiasm and curiosity to learn things. They have been like a family so far and hope they will remain connected in the coming future in the same way.

So, the first day was a lot sessions and we had some group discussions and some fun games. We discussed about one secret that we do not tell to people whom we meet at the first place. I think – it was fun to share the secret that day with these teammates and fun to know there’s too.

And today, the second day, we all were – like full of energy from the beginning, but one of our teammates – Bimal did not come to the event –  he had a fever. We missed him and he missed all the fun we had today.

We played futsal; to be honest we were very bad at it. But my first experience with the football in my leg was great. Some of us rode bicycle too – after completion of the futsal match. Even though, we lost in futsal it was great to play together with these new friends.

After that we had individual talent round – well there weren’t a lot of people to watch the session as most of them need to leave as they were getting late. I performed a “slang poetry” session – my mentor – “shailee di” seemed to like it. Every member of my team missed my performance. I could have performed tomorrow – but everything happens for a reason I guess.

Tomorrow is the last day of the fest and I think we will surely do a lot of fun as comparison to these two days. Tomorrow we have a lot of session were we can take part like quiz, chess, table tennis, group talent show and so on.

And the incomplete talent show will also be completed tomorrow and futsal match too.

Tomorrow is the day when one of us out of 100 participants and 10 teams will be awarded the “National Youths Icon – 2018″. We do not know who the award will be given to but the lessons we learnt and session we attended have given us some knowledge that can help us make our life better in the coming future – ” which is going to be our present one day.”

Lastly, thank you our mentors – ” Shailee Di” and “Anit” for mentoring our team and making us feel as a family. And teammates we all know how great are we at doing work together – hope we remain a team forever. If you guys are reading this please do not leave the viber chat we have created that will keep us connected in the days to come and even after the event is over keep sharing ideas and if you need help in initiating then; as I said before we are more than a team – ” a family “.

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