Creativity Loss : Aashutosh Poems’

This is what is happening to me,

The condition is taking me inside it,

framing me with no creativity,

making me look upset even inside me,

Well I have been trying for days,

Just to have a topic to write,

A talk to make you read and respond and like,

and perform similar deeds.

well I have been lost,

lost far across in this world of thoughts,

that is taking me very far,

but I have no where to go,

dear creator see your son is stuck,

stuck in the place where,

everything seems to be in the front,

but do not have that wit to choose,

and write about thoughts,

yes, nowadays I am going through creativity loss.

  • Another one of my incomplete poems hope you all will like it the same way you liked my previous poems

  • Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed ! Happy Blogging

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Well the above poem was on the thought that I am going through right now. I have not been able to think what to blog on. Then this thought of why not write about the same thought that has been keeping me far from my dear blog and dear readers. Well, these days I am passing through the phase of creativity loss and the realization of the same thought presented above – I think this is the start of the days of my creativity. Hope ! I will creative everyday and write something for all of you my dear readers – so that you do not forget me and I do not forget you.

Reply this post with the best post of yours. Hope, I could get inspired by your post and generate creativity in myself sustainably and you too go through the comments; who knows you could find something interesting to read, something to be inspired of and something that would make you creative ( the thing that I am searching for too).

Once Again — Live you Life to the fullest.


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