Poem With No Title : Aashutosh Poems’

Wish I can be the wind,

Wish I can be the sea,

Wish I can be the man of my dreams,

But I do not know where that wind will lead,

Don’t Know how much knowledge does that sea consists,

I really am not able to identify what is my dream.

In the land of confusion,

In the storm of bad decisions,

In the maze of many paths,

In the fifty shades of my own art,

I am doomed – to cross the river,

which I once knew,

I am afraid to even speak,

the words I created,

I am lost in the world,

That I imagined of,

Well will that light come,

to take me out of this darkness,

will it show me the beauty,

That I have never seen,

The hills, the mountains and the seas,

Will there be the next morning that I will see,

or the darkness of the night will end with me,

Will I live to see what I want,

Or get vanished in this world like the sudden wind.

Answers is what I seek,

But still don’t know what my questions mean.

  • Another one of my incomplete poem – Hope you all will like it.

  • I could not think of any title – if you have any suggestions please provide them in the comments.

  • Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed ! Happy Blogging

    P.S. I made a video chanting the poem. Hope you all will like it.



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