My Biggest Mistake : I lied – Aashutosh Poems’

I lied to the world that I was great,

I lied to you my dear that I loved,

I lied to you friends that I cared,

I lied to my teachers that they were great,

I lied to myself that I was the best,

I know I am a liar,

I lied to you my mom that I knew your pain,

I lied to you dad that I knew the struggle you make,

I lied to you my soul that you are the pure,

I lied for lying you all,

I lied that hope which I gave to people,

I lied for making you happy,

But that lie is taking a shape,

Struggling inside me,

Making me weaker day to day,

Making me surrender to the fear of shame,

I know I am not great,

I know I cannot love,

I know I do not feel emotions,

I know I am the selfish of all,

I know I cannot decide the right way,

But I lied to be that way,

I lied to be good being a bad soul,

I lied to be a nice son being a worthless one,

I lied to surrender to light being in the darkness,

I lied, I lied , I lied,

I know you will not forgive me my world,

Same with you my love, mom and dad,

But I do not know what can be done,

Time, has made me the way I shouldn’t be any day.

Just the questions in brain,

“Will my lies turn into reality some day?”

  • Another one of my incomplete poems – Hope you all will like it.

  • Stay Happy, Stay Blessed

Retrospective – Looking Back To Life


3 thoughts on “My Biggest Mistake : I lied – Aashutosh Poems’

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  1. Wow! You were cruelly honest with yourself. I suspect we would all find ourselves in that poem. We are human. Deep!!!

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