Chinese Bamboo Flute

I always have loved flute music. Flute has a great significance in Hindu history as it is the musical instrument of the “Lord Krishna” one of the forms of “Lord Bishnu”. Not only in Hindu religion but flute too has a significance in the Chinese culture and overall saying in Asia. Flute –  they sound awesome.

When you listen to the flute it gives you a rhythm that takes you to a place in your imagination describes it like you have never been described. Everyone knows that music is an amazing thing but flute has something else. It has it’s own definition to be defined. I am not saying that others are not instrument but flute is something that gives me immense pleasure when heard of.

Bamboo flute, are too good. They were made to be played in hilly region – in my view. If played in the top of one hill nearly two to three villages can enjoy the sound without the use of speakers. Just you need is a simple flute of few grams and a skill to play it and you are great there. You go and sit in the lap of tree at the top of the hill and make all the people listen to your music. It is also one of the nearest instrument to lyrics. When played seems like even the air is talking and the breeze is dancing and if there is rain we do not need anything more the music gets it’s inner beauty – the soul of the music gets reflected in the rain like it has never been seen like that. The world sees the words flying all over and people keep staring the flute player thinking that where is this magic of pleasure coming from. If you may have never heard of flute music you can just go to YouTube ad search for bamboo flute music. You will get lots and lots of music there.

You can use these music for several purposes. You can play this music in your house for whole day. You can listen to it when you are cleaning the house, meditating, making dinner or cooking anything, reading book or writing something ( like I am listening to it while I am writing this blog ).

I was listening to the flute music from about an hour and I thought let’s write about the power of this music I have been listening too. So, it is good to write something than writing nothing. Well, I may be wrong. But you do not know when I get bored, I write and write and write – no matter nice or not – it is the only way I can get my brain occupied and it is the only way I can relax. People meditate to relax but I write and don’t know why it always works out.

Stay happy ! Stay Blessed ! Happy Blogging !

Happy Listening to Bamboo Flute


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