New Achievement Unlocked

Well, well it has been two years since I created my blog. But if you go to the about section of my blog you will surely know my story for sure. But the truth that prevails the reality is something different; two years is the time for the creation of this site but actually the time I started blogging in the site just about 9 months – first blog for this site was The Rudeness of People which dates back to 2017, October 7.

I would like to thank WordPress for the reminder of the date and also I like to thanks all my readers for their opinions, feedback and also for the likes and comments that they have provided to my post.

Hope that you all will be showing the same love to my words and posts in the coming future. And to the readers who haven’t yet visited my blog, – “You are welcome here to explore me and my blog as a whole.”

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. Happy Blogging.


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