The Sun Has seen me for Ages : Aashutosh Poems’

The Sun sees me and judges my night,

if had no sleep last night,

it powers me up to stay awake in the day bright.

It comes for it cycle,

but unknowingly provides me with this gift of vision to see the world of mine.

Well I well I think of you everyday,

sometimes I scold you for being overheated,

sometimes thank you for your kindness to heat me when needed.

Some days pass and night are despair,

with no sleep and restlessness,

And I only wait for the birds to chirp when they see your faces.

You are bright and yellow and your shades are perfect,

most elite and the most elder in the ages,

you are sign of wisdom I always wanted,

and thank you for seeing me the same way you did the previous day.

You come and sunflowers smile,

making their head turn to your side and talk to you about the desperate night,

explaining your importance to you – making you special for their life.

I know you see the world the same way you did the previous day,

same is the thing with me and it will be same for everyone throughout their ages.

Thank You For Reading. Stay Happy. Stay Blessed


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