Sandesh : The Name that means “ A Message”

This is happening for the first time that I am not able to give a color to a person. I think I have either lost my creativity or am not able to give this wonderful guy a color that really suits all his personality. Maybe he is one of the colorful ones out of the people I met. And his name goes like “Sandesh Ghimire” – which means “a message”

He directly quotes , “ You are the one going to be the first to write about me.”

Well, well I am something who has done something for someone for the first time. So, I actually do not have a lot of idea about this person but I am sure that he is more beautiful from inside than I have seen him, more thoughtful than I think of him, more ambitious than he actually shows, more confident than he actually admits of and more friendly than he says that he is.

As people have multi-personality disorder he has the same with his ambition and thoughts. He wants to be a astrophysicist and a music expert – but here is where the problem arises he is not confident with both of his career and is in the thinking that he is not confident enough to pursue any of them.

He takes the great scientists as inspiration. I just want to tell him just look at Leonardo Va Vinci, he was a great musician, a great scientist, a great painter – as a whole a Renaissance Man. So if you aim to be expert in two of these fields you can accomplish it but the thing you need is practice and be prepared for any situation that will come in the way to test you as a scientists and musician. Have a clear vision of what you want to be and how will be that and the way to reach there.

If you have a clear vision then you have a clear path. Clear path means no jerks and no jerks means you will eventually reach the aim without wrecking you vehicle. I guess you got what I wanted to say.

Let me tell you about his emotional side. He hides feeling more than any human I have ever met till now. He do not express that he does not like you and just keep listening to you even you are making mess in his brain. He is one to think more for even a situation that is smaller than a size of pea. He fights a lot and always thinks that he is the wrong guy at the end. How do I know that ?? I would never know that he told me this fact.
He and I were like the rivals of the tongue before and he eventually comes to me and says , “ Aashutosh ! You are great man.” I watch his face the expression mixed with nervousness, temper and kindness. He has that angriness look in this face because I am not replying and finally I reply with the smile , “Maybe !” He emphases the term and says, “ Yes ! You are !” and says , “ But I need to confirm that !”

So now how is he going to confirm that I am great or not. I never heard of any scientist that has come up with a equation to deduce the level of greatness. I said, “ Okay ! Then go on test me.” So he says , “ Tell me about me ! Tell me about what I feel and my nature just by looking at me.”

“I know why he is asking that question. He actually wants to know did I even cared his words when we had rival talks.”

“Hard stuff – what to do now ?” – my mind started thinking a lot.
Finally I speak up.

“You are more kind than you actually you show you are !”

He asks is return , “ How can you say that ?”

“Because you are too kind to call me great. Because you are here to admit that you are wrong and to start the bond of friendship although you know that I am wrong in some places. You are ambitious to have yourself in the uplifted position but when you realize that the world cannot be the place where you can leave alone you have come to look for a friend. You have come to me for making the things go right with us. So, that no more of our words will affect the emotions of each other. Am I right?”

“To some parts !” – he says

“Where did I get wrong ?”

“Nowhere ! Leave that !”

“Do you know I love music but am not able to pursue that for career ?”

“It is the same everywhere ! I too have friends who are not pursuing the career for music even they love that because they are told by the family and society that they are not going to earn a lot being the musician and for earning high from music they need to be the best in the marketplace. They are just simply sacred that there life will not be as beautiful as the life of other people simply because they choose the career of music.”

“ Exactly ! I have those thoughts sometimes. But sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the thought that I a great rock-star playing the metal rock for people. I am not confident enough to choose my own career.” he exclaims with a sadness in this face.

“Just trust you steps and do the things you like, because death is for everyone and life is too – so live it the way you want to. You either have regret or you have no regrets that is life.”

“ I guess that is true, my friend !”
“ Thank you !”

“Why, you need not thank me ?” I said with a clear voice

“ You anyway knew something about me although we are not very close to each other.”

I smiled inside. I too hide feelings – that is not a crime anyway.
So days passed and weeks too and finally at some point of life – that is too huge statement for the general thought I guess.

So days passed and weeks too and finally one day I receive a message at my messenger – well do not take me as social media addict as I mention social media a lot of times.
The message goes like this :

“Will you write about me. Words for me , as you did for Rabin?”

“Well I need to think about that because I do not know a lot about you?” – I replied the message with a smiley emoji- the emotion sticker.

“But anyway I will try once !” – I did not want to make him sad saying a “No”.

“Thats !! my boy !!” – he replies with a smile in his face.

Well you may be thinking how can I know that he had a smile in his face. Well, I guessed it – he for sure had a smile in his face.

So, Sandesh, now even you are included in the people section of my blog. Just try to be yourself and try do not feel that you are not able to fulfill you aim just give a try. There is nothing more regretful than feeling of never trying something therefore – so go try once.
Thank readers ! That you read all of this blog and keep reading my other blogs too and if you want me to blog about anything specific you can just drop me a message or a comment – I will try best to blog in the things all my readers want.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed.


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