The Day of Meeting the Stupids Who Actually Are Not One

Then wanted a get together an around 7 months ago – formed a small chat room in the Facebook. I do not remember much but I guess I had been having some sorts of exam routine going on. I just used to view their talks but never replied one because I knew I was not going to be there anyway. Student life – directly synonym to study was something I too need to take care of. But they ended up having no get together in the date they were planning to meet each other was ruined due to some reasons I already had left the chat room and it was long since I had not heard a word from any of my school friends.

But in this auspicious occasion. Hey, no need to get surprised I too celebrate occasion sometimes, you know it really refreshes you. So, there was this date that everyone celebrates once a year only if you are born on Feb 30 you get this once in a four. You already know what I am talking about, yes it was my birthday as everyone guessed and if you did not have guess from my previous statement then you must have been the most idiotic person until now. Yes, until now because you are reading my blog and you are no more idiotic. That made you laugh did not that.

So, coming back to where I left Baishakh 3rd (16th April – this year) was my birthday. So, the fun of invitation began four days ago. I formed a group in Facebook as Facebook is most wanted place for all my schoolmates. If you do not find anyone’s home or anyone in their home – Facebook is the right place you should give a search for my school mates. Group members kept on increasing. Increasing really ? Did everyone come? No, not I guess there were 25 of my school mates there. I invited them all for the birthday and the date was Baishakh 3rd and venue was – my home – home sweet home. So, after all the preparation there comes a news that we are living for this 3 days pilgrimage to Pathivara Temple, Taplegunj. So, the birthday party was to be done earlier as we need to prepare for the pilgrimage the previous day we left and that was baishakh 3rd. Finally, my family decided to celebrate the birthday on 2nd of baishakh but the chat group had other programs too. I went up to the chat room in Facebook and dropped a small message and said guys we are having the party tomorrow (on 2nd Baishakh). Now, it was time for them to shout at me like the bullet that comes out of the rifle. We want to come, we all are desperate to see each other but you should not have changed the date. We all have managed our schedule in accordance to the time and invitation you gave us previously. So, we cannot come if you change the date. Only the comers would have been 3 friends if I did that celebration thing in 2nd of Baishakh. So, I went up to my mom and showed her the message from my messenger and finally mom said if that is the case then we need to celebrate your birthday on 3rd Baishakh. So on Baishakh 2nd we managed all the stuffs that was needed for the pilgrimage as we would not get the time next day. So the deal was final – and all the friends were happy. The chat group name changed to “We are meeting soon”. We had talks about everything we are going to do in the celebration and all seem happy that they are going to meet each other.

The next day the group name changed to “We are meeting tomorrow”. It was great to know that they all wanted to meet and they were very excited. So the next day morning the chat group name again get changed to “We are meeting today”. And it was 2: 30 nearly, who cares time – it was afternoon anyway and the chat group name finally changed to “We are meeting at 5 pm”. Everyone was ready to meet everyone and I was the one to make things happen in the home – I mean I was making them come together – anyway they too have the credit if they did not come my work would go in vain – thanks to you all schoolmates. It was 4: 45. I was watching the clock and saw it go tick- tick- tick round and round and round. I needed to get dressed up, I almost forget and you should hurry up – the immediate order to my brain was accompanied by the excitement that we are going to meet soon and it was 5 : 12 when my friend – call her best friend – yeah I do have one entered inside and said “ Aashutosh, happy birthday”. She came directly to me gave me a tight, hug. Aww ! Don’t get that occupied by thoughts and I was happy – happier than ever, I went out with her and all my friends are waiting there for me. “Happy Birthday !” – all the voices at once was like a wish that I had never had. This was my first birthday celebration ever – in school this baishakh 3rd used to be the first day for the school almost there was no one in the class in the first day and all the chocolates I used to take to distribute to friends would return my home inside my bag.

Although I do not love noises all their sound with a wish for me sounded like something else in this world. So, fun began and we had fun, fun and fun all the hours we were together and this bring us to the end I am able to write only till here as I need to get a sleep for tomorrow and I will update you the next blog with the pilgrimage one – pilgrimage is also a kind of travel I guess so the next one again is going to be a travel blog. Hope I find some tasty food items there so even I can write about them.

Thanks for reading till here and – the gifts I forget to tell about them. I will soon be writing about them too.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed !

Glimpse of Celebration:

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