The 9th Seat – Imagination Begins Here

Imagination is the only thing that comes for free and can be as precise as we want it to be. 

Aashutosh Sapkota

This blog is about the events of the travel based on yesterday’s event. I had a plan to upload this piece of blog yesterday but as soon as I connected my phone to the Internet and dropped a message to a friend on Facebook – I get a reply, “Get some rest ! You can blog it tomorrow.”

But whether she knows or not that tomorrow has been already a past today. It does not mean that she had a complete fault for making me not write the blog yesterday, it was me who needed to write and upload and I could have done it even I received any such messages and reply as above. And I could have been written it down in the morning or afternoon today. So, overall that is my fault.

I am just going off-topic. The most bad habit of mine I explain a lot of problems and never act on them and did you realize this part I too have a sense of realization but though I am fool who has not been able to correct myself. Now, If I write more in the context that does not deal the topic I am sure that you are going to stop reading this blog, commenting in your brain that everyone here is a time waster. They waste their time and also ours. If you are having that feeling then just don’t get offended and do not close this blog post. Let me start about the 9th seat.

You may be guessing what does that 9th seat mean. It is the seat number in my bus ticket while traveling from Kathmandu to my hometown Biratnagar. You must be surprised, right ! What does the title mean then “The 9th seat – Imagination Begins Here”. That is a bit tricky one and some of you must have got it at the first place but some of you may be confused till now. If you are one in the category of the people who are confused then don’t worry the next part or grammatically stating – the next paragraph for sure will make you clear about the title.

Okay ! Guys if you are really curious about the title then it is the time to fully understand what it really means. As we all know the best explanation is the simplest one – so the title gets it name because the traveling time from Kathmandu to Biratnagar takes in about 9 hours from Banepa – Bardibas highway followed by Maherda Highway – and this was the time when I just kept imagining and picturing different thoughts in my mind and my destination to get down the seat occurred like it was just 10 minutes travel – although I know it a deception that was created in my brain because I was unaware of the surroundings around me and its change.

It was around 5:30 A.M. I got into that seat and bid goodbye to my friend Krishna. Who is this guy Krishna now if you all have this question then you should read the previous blog  where I have described this guy – classmate-cum-friend-cum-supporter of my high school. Yeah, I high school for specific because I do not know when am I going to meet this guy again after my high school exams are taken.

So, as I was talking about as soon as I entered and sat down in the seat and looked out of the window I saw the sunrise. The sun was struggling – its rays beyond the clouds wanted to reach me. I felt like the sun wanted to say me something and I remembered the quote from someone, if she is reading this she will definitely have a smile on her face – the quotes goes in this way , “Aashutosh ! You are a beautiful soul !”

That sunrise gave me a chance to think about it for the next time. I haven’t felt a lot of this quote for me for the first time but that sun rays and that gentle wind through my face made me feel the warmth of the soul inside me. I watched the sun till it was finally out of the jail of the clouds, reaching me the rays had a gentle touch that was like a miracle. It is not that I have not been in the sun before than this but this touch of rays had a different feel today. Glowing up in the sky – I felt like the sun also wants me to admit that the lady was right. The thought that occurred on her mind when she was in the middle of the jungle and was told me when I was about to go to the land of dreams was stored subconsciously in my brain and was producing the electrical impulse for that thought when the sun rays where touching me, my hand, my face and all of me.

But this is not the end of my imagination. I did not know that the whole day I would imagine things and see the world in a way that I have never seen. I did not know that today I was going to question my internal soul for being unknown to me this long. I guess this journey that took 10 hours reflected all my 17 years of life. I had this amazing question in my brain, if I am a beautiful soul why I did not know that and she figured it out in a walk. I do not have a clue till now. I am not going to have unless I pursue answer from the same lady that directed this thought inside me. The sun was on its daily routine – the routine of starting from east and ending in west. Gentle wind was the same around my face and there was bus stopped in a place – It was snacks time. A can of coke and a “Preeti” – noodles pack. I ate noodles (raw) and planned to drink the can of coke later. So, now the next trigger for my thought was that can of coke. I just was watching out of the window being amazed by thing that how every kilometers scenery had some distinct changes in itself. I touched the can of coke and it had this cold sensation and I held me to this realm of realization that I am of cold nature how can that make me a beautiful soul. I care less for people and mainly concentrated in myself. But I realized of the gift – you can know about this gift from my previous blog. << Click Here To View Previous Blog >> It was the gift given by me to my eleven friends. The reason why I gave them this gift is still anyway unclear in the previous blog post, I think it will get clear reasoning here. I did not plan that trip – Which trip ?? Yeah for that again you need to go to the previous blog post. << Click Here To View Previous Blog >> If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must have got that one out already. It was the plan of Sandhya and Ashok – they wanted to go for a trip before my birthday and they said lets go for the trip but as always an idea occurred in the mind why not to ask other friends too for the trip and this ended up with a successful trip of we 11 friends and I am really sorry that we could not include Ashok in that trip.

I had a dream during this planning day. A pretty amazing one – for sure I do remember this dream – I normally tend to forget them all but specifically this one has remained for a longer period of time retaining a place in the corner of my brain. I dreamed that we all friends have already traveled the trip and I am 40 years old already and we all friends meet in a place and discuss that day when we went to the trip. We regretted that we did not provide anything to each other – and if we had done then we could talk about that and now and know who really cared that moment. But we were not going to do that in reality then I thought that why not me doing that. I thought for a while and first thought to drop the idea as I had no money for making the plan work. I calculated it would take roughly Nrs. 6000 to make the things work but finally work for and hour planning and taking suggestion I was able to bring it down to Nrs. 2000 and I and Krishna who are the planners and executers of the gift-mission went to the ATM and cashed the money bought the gift and packed all of them. As ashok was not present I went to his room and surprised him with the gift there and one final piece of the gift which was for me actually ended up being with sojit – my classmate-cum-friend and did have a positive impact on my self- image with the comment of the same lady to call me a beautiful soul.

But now when I am in this seat – the 9th seat – I question myself why did I do that. Why I did not feel bad just giving gifts and not receiving one. I knew there must be something different and suddenly I saw a river – a river flowing continuously with its water giving life to hundred of living beings and never asking for anything and never feeling bad when same living beings polluted them. I had read amazing stuffs about the river from the book of Herman Hesse – The Siddhartha. You can have a read to its review by me. << Click Here To View The Book Review >> All the thought about the river being recalled into my brain. How the river was selfless? Although sometimes rivers get angry but finally after sometime they are same providing life. The beautiful music that the current of the water made – connected my soul to the nature. Although it was nothing to do with the music it had a rhythm which I followed and reached this close to nature that I was feeling a bit sleepy and finally asleep in the same seat dreamed of me being kind to people, and filled with a great feeling that we get when we spend money in memories rather than in things.

I woke up and saw the time – “we are late” – The first thought. What did just happen? I must be reaching home now but still I am in the bus. I saw outside the destination was more 30 minutes far and I had to wait a 180 degree turn of a clock to finally reach my destination. I thought the speed was slow or driver seemed to old to have an energetic speed and concluded that this both factor are co-related. Driver was old and old people do not prefer a lot of speed and it turn that makes the vehicle slow and that means we are going to get late and actually we already have got late.

And finally after this I get to the destination and their I meet my dad waiting for me and I jumped out of the bus met my dad and finally we headed home.

This brings to the end of this blog of today. I am happy that you came to this very end of the blog and this day was full of imagination almost everything made me imagine and get lost in the thoughts. And by the way I drank that can of coke when I finally woke up 30 minutes before my destination – told you this – as I thought you may be curious.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed ! Be Imaginative and know the Inner You !

Glimpse of the Journey : Kathmandu to Biratnagar

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