I too have friends, Guys !

Memories becomes a memory when written down to a paper – Aashutosh Sapkota

Describing memories they are always thought to be the good one and this time I guess I too have a good one. Memories are made by places, people, time and events. But is that all matters for a memory to be created. Well not ! It takes more than these, there is a thing called feelings that do create them. Feeling that occurred to you during that movement puts that to inside your brain. I may be wrong, I actually am wrong many times. Well, may I warn you that this blog is going to be a longer one and if you planning to read something short and sweet you should be shutting out this post.

We friends. Did I just said we friends ? Do not get amazed I too have friends, managed to make some. Actually I was in my way to upload the blog “Why I technically do not have friends?” But today this day spent with these crazy, logical, sweet, angry, adorable people made me change the post title to “I too have friends, guys !”

I wanted to describe everyone of them !! But sorry guys ! I have to get sleep and I am really tired. I will describe you one by one if possible and if things called future and time favors me. Let’s start then, I think that my friends are eager to know what I will write and other readers to know that what we actually did.

Not far away, just about 2 hours 25 minutes walk from Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu we reached to this place called Nagi-Gumba. This place is good, amazingly silent; peace is what it reflects. But we all were there to destroy its natural balance and create this day to the day a remembrance.We did stuffs what normal people did sat down, made a circle and ate and ate and ate. Yeah, we are eaters. Who in the world do not love eating ? If you do not love eating then you either must be a fatso or a person in a diet.

We had these Kurkure, Mountain Dew, Noodles (Wai-Wai specifically), chips, Cheese balls and lolipopps. Dipesh, Dinesh, Junu, Krishna, Priyani, Pranisha, Rabin Shahi, Saraswati, Sandesh, Sandhya and me we all managed to get there and have a happy day without any obligations.

Explaining them – all of them are funny. They are caring but most of them do not show that. They are good in making excuses.
Specially, this creature called Dipesh ( sorry for quoting you as a creature, we share some qualities and we both are creatures I guess, if that is the case) is a savage machine and a fun maker of an infinite loop program. He just need to start and just that is takes for a person in the front to get embarrassed. But sometimes he ends up making fun of himself, due to energy of excitement he posses inside him. He is man of wonders (don’t know what that means but it does suit the paragraph) and posses this power of smile in his face. Logically, he is nicknamed cartoon – and that suits his aim to make an anime.

Do you have a friend with a childish behavior? If you do not have one JUNU is worth metting. Her childish voice and some child stuffs she does make her cute and adorable. If junu is reading this she is making a face that is worth watching, but you are junu – admit it – your voice and your cuteness that lies inside as a child is great – although we had a big fight today she managed to pass a glass a coke with a good smiley on her face.
The Laughing Machine – Rabin Shahi – laughs at things that are meant to laugh and also in the things that are not meant to laugh. See, he is the logical master of the things that provides everyone with no logic. No more word for him I guess, this must be enough for him to get described.

Coming to this great guy, Dinesh Sapkota, he is amazing in his own way. He is a chap making himself the want by getting the precious thing in his hand. Over-Confident – he is not – but some situation make him act like that. But believe me, it is because he lacks supporters. He needs to be cared and loved – help him progress guys. But whatever is the case, he is a fantastic guy at the end of the day.

Krishna – the thought master, logical in his own way – perfect for a path he decides for him. He makes my day – a help man for me and I am a help man for him. The bond with him is getting great day by day. Did you know that surprise pack for today was decided by him ? “Wow ! Surprise pack !!”

“I too will explain that keep a little bit of patience.”

“I planned – Krishna decided – for the surprise.”

In simple words if Krishna is to be described, Krishna is the man of value.

So, here comes Saraswati – nicknamed as saras is a girl with discipline, has taught me a lot of manners and a lot of good things – but still wants suggestions with me everytime. Overall, she is a girl with the great sense of responsibility and a kind heart.
Sandhya – nicknamed as sandy is like a sand which is always stress free – no matter how much pressure you create for her manages to go out like the handful of sand inside the closed fist. Loves to do a lot things for other and end up having nothing with her. Sad nature but a big heart for everyone.

And, how can I forget about this guy, sandesh; which means “message”. He is the message to all of us that we need to be a man of thought and man of meaning. I am planning to write a whole blog article on him. He is also going to get added in the people section of my blog very soon. Even if I have promised him it will be within this week but I guess it will take a bit longer.

And next this girl pranisha – she is lovely, good and kind hearted. I do know a lot about her and I do not think she ever going to let me know about her.

“Why ?? Why will not she ?? The question remains”

“I really have no clue guys.”

Priyani if you are reading this post and if you are impatience to find the words about you. So, I guess you patience ends here and have a read about you.

The girl I know almost nothing about. But she was great in her job as a manager today. Fights is what we used to have everyday during classes. But I do remember your off-look congratulations when I scored good in computer. Honestly, she sounded great in the way to Nagi Gumba. She knows how to get surprised when she is not really surprised and knows all what is going to happen – if any of the readers do not get this, I bet she has already got this on her mind and is smiling. Today, was the best day with her – as I ended up with her whole day without a single fight.

Ani that request thing – thanks for that priyani ! If you hadn’t, I was planning that.
This is all I can describe about you guys today. But there is a lot more to go and a lot more to come. Just take your exams – and grab good grades.
So, the surprise part – I handed all of them with a diary and pen and they must have jotted down the memory of today in their own pages and in their own words and with the ticket pasted in the their front page.

Sometimes a walk makes you feel better than spending $20 in a dress. – Aashutosh Sapkota

Overall the day was like the way it should have been and that should have been means “good” by the way.


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