Coin Collection : Started

Have you ever wanted to make collection of something?

I always have been a collector and want to have a great collection sets in future.

“So, What are you collecting of these days?”
“Collecting !!! I am afraid of nothing.”
“You always are collecting something right ! Why not these days ?”
“I guess I am out of ideas of collection.
I have collected a mess I guess. Anything that I thought to make collection of has been deposited to a place. Not actually a place, but inside a rack. Believe me it is a mess there.”
“I think you should look at that precious mess, you may find something interesting to make collection of.”
“Let us both go and look then”
“Sure !”
So we both are looking at the mess of the things right now ! The things that I once wanted to make collection. I drop almost everything out of the rack into the ground. I see some stamps, some photographs – photographs of leaves, people, animals and also some stones, and there I see two coin. A coin – yeah – a coin collection would be good I guessed. But I could see is just two coins in the mess ( precious collection for me though).
“I am thinking I should start the collection of coins ! But I have got just two now.”
“You can at least start ! Coin collection are also wonderful.”
“I always have loved collecting things, but I end up making small collection – like if I start making collection of coins I may collect 10 to 20 coins and get bored in doing that.”
“But collecting 20 coins is also a great deal if I did that.”
We are keeping all the things inside the rack now.
“Oh ! There is another coin here ! You can put this too under your collection.”
“So, Now we have 3 coins here.
I will try to make this a complete collection. You too will help me in collection, right.”
“I surely will. If I find any coins I will send it to you.”
“Thanks !”
“I think I should be leaving home !! I am getting late.”
“Okay ! See you later then.”

Thank for reading !!
Are you fond of collecting stuffs?
Do you have a collection?
Have you thought to start to a collection and never have started?
Let me know your answers in comment.


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