The 7 Chords of Guitar

The E, A, D, G, B, E strings of the guitar has always amazed me for their team work to give out melodious music. I always wanted to be a person who could help those strings to make those beautiful sound of theirs. But whenever I touched them they went violently like there are angry with me.

It is about 4 months ago when I first touched a guitar with my hands; the guitar of my hostel room-mate, before this event I just had seen it in television or in YouTube videos. I wanted to know how a guitar could produce music that beautifully only with its 6 strings. The furious anger of guitar on me went the same for days until I realized that I was the one treating the guitar the wrong way to make it go angry on me, there was no fault of guitar. I finally knew that there are sets of disciplines and this tricky things called “chords” that made the guitar to produce the music that made people never forget that there are places with cold breezes, there is a invincible thing called love, there is precious thing called feelings and emotions, and up above all there is hope that lies inside everyone of us hope that someday everything will be alright.

Chords in my view are the most elegant thing that can happen to a guitar. I started with the 5th major chord, the E-chord. First and the common problem all the guitar learners possess the finger placement for a chord and the pressure to apply in the strings. Whenever I saw others playing they seem to just keep their fingers in the strings but the pressure required to press the strings was known to me when I had been doing the activity myself. My fingers started to have the pleasure of pain with their sensory muscles demanding the brain to remove the fingers from the string but the curious-learning brain did not want to remove the finger at all. The brain omitted the feeling of pain remembering that “there is no gain if you have no pain.” The next chord was the A-major-chord, the same brain activity went through the mind accomplishing the task. Now, I had another problem to tackle and which is the most important as that creates a rhythmic music which is none other than the chord transition. But as philosophers say “curious brain can never be behold because they have a problem in front of them.”

Seven days – 5 college days and 2 days of leave and I was the guitarist of my hostel. I went from E-major to A-major, A-major to C-major, C-major to D-major, D-major to G-major, and finally learning F-major and B-major chords. In those seven days, I learnt things that people take months to learn. That was the day I realized the difference between curious-learning and just learning leading this to be my most significant achievement of life.


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