Sometimes, We find unexpected things in the unexpected places. (Paulo Coelho’s – The Aleph)

The Aleph is an encounter with our fears and our shortcomings- a search for love and forgiveness, and the courage to confront the inevitable challenges of life.

I did not think much of this book when first I found it.

“Found it. What ?? You bought it, right.”

“No I did not bought it. I found it lying among the books in the scrapyard.”

“What were you doing there?”

“Remember I told you that I was working as a intern in “DHASSOO” where we up-cycled things from the scrapyard.”

“Yeah ! I do. Could you tell me how you finally got that book and decided to take home.”

“That day I with my colleague – Russell where there to find an electric motor. We asked the owner of the scrapyard where has he dumped the electronic items where we could find electric motors. He pointed out to a near piles of electronics. To reach there we needed to pass through the piles of books and papers. Russell looking at the piles asked me “Do you love reading books?” I answered “yes ! I do” and asked the same question to him that if he thought the same about the book and received the answer positively. We had reached near the piles of the electronic junks and were picking up the items one by one so that we could find any of those electric motors we were wanting for. But seemed like there were no motors.”

“We were continuing the search and what happened is the pile of books fell to ground making a mess. I know scrapyard is itself a mess what mess could those books anyway make there. But as I said they were arranged in piles so we can count that as a mess anyway. So, the owner came and started to pile up them again and then we were about to leave and he asked if we could help. We decided to help and as we were arranging the book I saw this book with the beautiful cover and turned to see the back cover.”

There was quote that goes like this – “Each end gives us the opportunity for a rebirth.”

“So, suddenly a new idea popped into my brain that this could be my new read. So I took that book from there and read it till the end.”

“So that is how you finally ended up with the book.”

“Have you read it all and if you have may you please tell me something about it ?”

“Yes ! I have read it !”

“The traveling in trans-Siberian railway and experiences of the author with this lady Hilal from his previous birth and this concept about the dreams being the way to enter another dimensions. The Yao and author experiences with him and about the people they met in the way. How finally the writers finds out what his mistake was in previous life. And why Hilal was there. The questions to these answer make the book really amazing to read. Also, I believe the book reflects the thought that “Whatever happens in this world happens for good.”

“I do not want you to know everything about the book. As telling you everything spoil the theme of the book itself. So, if you are curious reader have a read ‘Paulo Coelho’s – The Aleph’.”

“Okay ! ‘The Aleph’ is going to be my next read.”


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