Blue: The Story of a Physics Teacher

Today, I have a new person to write on and the color I give him is Blue. Why Blue? Almost everyone pops up with that question. Don’t worry I will answer that.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. And blue color’s brother dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

More about Colors :

These colors do tell a lot about this person I am going to write about.

Let me introduce him to you. He is called Balaram Sir by his students and he have a sweet name that goes like Mr. Balaram Khadka. He is a person with a smile and a divine power to make his students feel like his class is the everyone needs to stay. He teaches physics in many of A Level college here in Kathmandu, Nepal.

If you are guessing he is my best teacher let me tell you he is not. No one is my best teacher. I cannot understand how people categorize only one teacher to be their favorite. If you just think for a while every teacher in your life play an equal role that is to teach you something valuable.

So, you may have a more one question, why am I writing about him? Right. Let me answer this question to you. Today, in Nepal we had a strike, due to which most of the school and colleges remained closed and the ones which were open had no teachers arrived for teaching the students. But today he was there teaching concepts of MRI and CT scans to the students.

Balaram Khadka Sir
Physics Teacher (Mr. Balaram Khadka) Explaining The Concept of MRI and CT Scan

He teaches the students for they can be a valuable person for their parents, country and to the world. He has produced a lot of great students. Liked by almost all the students of every college he teaches in makes him the best teacher of most of the students. He does not come to college just to teach and earn money for his living but has been providing students with support when needed. He has been constantly working on different projects that requires the direct involvement of the students which not only makes students better but also help them for their further studies. I am looking forward to work with him in coming future in a project. He has already agreed to that now the time will show what happens. Isn’t it the time that shows us everything, yes, it is without any doubt.

Lessons from Balaram Sir:

  • For developing the country first develop yourself.
  • If you develop the country only then you can make the country better place for future generation.
  • Struggle is needed in everything, even in learning the formula of physics.
  • Be a man of value not the one who sets other’s value.
  • Be happy and make others happy. That is where life is.
  • See clear for your vision and hit direct to the target.
  • Learn, learn and learn. Keep learning your whole life.

These points can be a kind of summary to his lessons. He says there is a lot to learn and he has a lot to teach.

Some of the comments from students for Balaram Sir (these screen shots were taken from facebook) :

Student From Orient A Levels writes about Balaram Sir


Student from Trinity International College writes about Balaram Sir


Student From Orient A Levels writes about Balaram Sir


Student From Orient A Levels writes about Balaram Sir





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