Siddhartha: Book Review #2

“Knowledge can be conveyed, but not wisdom. It can be found, it can be lived, it is possible to be carried by it, miracles can be performed with it, but it cannot be expressed in words and taught.”

This great book by “Herman Hesse” teaches you all about the way how Siddhartha got to the eternal enlightenment. The best part the book had for me and can be for you too where the writer’s talk about the river, it’s voices and things that we can learn from the river. Although, the talks in the book like talking to the voice that comes from the river sound superficial but the summary that river teaches you to be a good listener is found to be an inspiring knowledge that I had been able to gain during the journey across the pages of the book.

“River teaches you to listen, to pay attention with a great heart, with a waiting opened soul, without passion, without a wish, without judgement, without opinion.”

The part of the book which you should not miss is where you are revealed the truth of the river and the knowledge that we can gain from it. River teaches you to listen, to pay attention with a great heart, with a waiting opened soul, without passion, without a wish, without judgement, without opinion. The second lesson the writer talks about in the book is there is no time. Water in the river is everywhere every time. This proves that everything has existence and is present. This statement is solely explained in the book which has a deep meaningful way in its own and cannot be stated here is few words. Writers has taken a great effort to present that scenario; you should once go and check out yourself. And the religious part of the lesson that leads to the third lesson of the book that says that combination of all the sound that come from river tends give “Om” – The completed; the finished one; one that who has reached their enlightenment.

This is the just a small part that the writer has in the book. A lot more can be gained from the life of Siddhartha whose life tends to be the main theme of the story. The way he leaves his father, the way he becomes Samana, the way he again leaves the path of Samana and gets rich and again he comes back to the river into the previous life like Samana and getting to the conclusion that nature can teach us everything. The journey of his life makes you all clear about the ways people are making mistakes in life, what un-satisfaction really means, what is the way that leads to wisdom and the wisdom thing cannot be gained by teachings; every human must find wisdom for them in their own way to death. There is a lot more hidden inside those pages, journey and writer’s word.

“Read two books a week, change your life”


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