Biriyani : Food Safari at Attariya, Kailali

 I also knew sometimes the food that looked very attractive can also result in being your worst experience. But this time the “God of Taste” seems to be with me.

With travelling not only comes fun but also, we have a chance to taste different foods from different places we travel to. Everyone loves eating food, but some people are choosy in their food. For example, some people fully dislike bitter gourd, even green leafy vegetables. I can tell you about a lot of people who dislike a lot of different food. You would be surprised to listen that I have a friend who just eats out rice, dal and potato fry every day and sometimes eats meat stuffs. That person never takes any vegetable other than potato. His eating habit is just out of this world for me as, I cannot live without giving my tongue a new taste. I need to taste almost one new thing in one week that I have never tasted in my life. But we are not that lucky every time, you are getting what I meant to say right? I am not lucky enough to taste a new food a week even I want to.

Today me and my friend Krishna Oli from Lamki Chuha, Kailali had a chance to visit this small place called Attariya which is almost 60.6 km west according to this Internet thing called, Google Maps. Google Maps shows it takes 1 hours and 9 minutes to reach Attariya from Lamki but we reached the place in 2 hours and 10 minutes. A pretty long journey just to have a biriyani.

Wait, not just to have a biriyani. Actually, our work there was to visit some schools of Attariya for briefing the students about A Levels but eventually everyone gets hungry, right?

Let me share the experience of biriyani. I do not remember the name of the hotel but it was neither a big hotel nor a small one. You can call it a medium sized one, a guest house. You may be familiar with what guest house is if you have ever visited Nepal. You may take guest house as a small hotel with less numbers of rooms around almost 5 -7 rooms not more than that.

So, the biriyani seemed cool when I saw it for the first time. I mean when it was served in our plates. I have experience tasting food at different sites like hotels, in street vendors, in friend’s homes and many more places. I also knew sometimes the food that looked very attractive can also result in being your worst experience. But this time the “God of Taste” seems to be with me. When I took the first gulp of the “Biriyani”, a new taste arose, that is natural in eating new things now the thing is what kind of taste do you receive. Without leaving you all in suspense let me tell you that it was good. Although I have posted a bad photo of the food in the table with a “Mountain Dew” in its side the food tasted really good. It had soft meat balls, omelets crushed in pieces and rice fried in an adequate quantity. The full of mixture of these three when gave a flavor in your mouth it seemed like something with a variety is coming to you in a plate and in a gulp. Each spoon of it was interesting for me. And as I took a sip of “Mountain Dew” when biriyani was inside my mouth the taste was multiplied. The juicy dew combined with the flavor of biriyani, it tasted great. I cannot describe what it exactly tastes like. Everything cannot be explained something should be left for me too right. Now you need to have it for knowing the pleasantness it provides you. I do not know how many people prefer “Mountain Dew” with biriyani but I do. I love making these random combinations of food in the thinking that I will discover a new taste and I have been successful sometimes and sometimes the situation is more worse that it has lead me to vomiting all the stuffs that are taken inside the food pipe.

So, enjoying the biriyani with “Mountain Dew” was fun. But my friend Krishna who has having the same biriyani could not complete all of the biriyani in his plate. I think he was not in the mood to have all of it or I think his stomach was full earlier or he may not have liked that biriyani as much as I liked it. But the answer to by question to krishna “Did you like the biriyani? “was “Yes I enjoyed it but it was a little heavy so I preferred to have a little less.”

But who knows what goes inside his brains?

We paid the bills and headed back to Lamki Chuha, Kailali. So, this is how my today’s food safari ends.

Thanks, that you came all the way till here reading all of this.

Keep Eating, keep travelling, Life is full of fun just you need to find the right moment.



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