Lamki, Kailali – Travelling to my friends Home

Travelling is fun for almost everyone and if the travelling is for weeks anyone get excited easily. Today I am travelling to the western side of Nepal and this trip starts from Sunday, Jan 14. I who never crossed the bridge of Narayani today not only crossed it but also have the chance to travel kilometers far from it.


The journey starts from the biggest bus station in Nepal, The Gongabu Bus Station. Located in the Gogabu Area of Kathmandu this bus station was the place where we needed to report @ 1:30 pm and depart for Lamki, Kailali @ 2:00 pm.

My journey tale many times ended up being like I wanted but then I did not used to write about my travel in blogs. But today when I decided to write about the journey in my blog, the journey did not happen exactly as I had thought of. Travel teaches people and I too got a huge lesson out there travelling here to Lamki.

It was already around one hour when I with my friends Rabin and Krishna had departed from the bus station and had encountered this huge traffic jam at Kalanki. We had not travelled not more than 5 km and our bus was standing still with others vehicles horning each other to get out of that huge crowd of vehicles. The vehicles persuaded each other to move inch by inch. Finally, we were out of that traffic jam in about 20 minutes and headed towards our destination.

Having traffic jam in Kathmandu is a common thing but escaping so fast from it, just in 20 minutes was a lucky thing that must have happened me during the travel. Traffic-Jams sometimes takes more than 2 hours to get rid of. Well I was lucky there but God had different planning for me to teach the lesson of life. Unexpected things had to happen in expected places which I was complete unaware of.

8: 24 pm the memorable movement of the journey, where vomited in my own seat and clothes. Yeah, in seat and clothes. As soon as I vomited, my friend, Krishna sitting beside me too had been triggered with the vomiting activity. He just took out the head from the window and spilled out everything he have had in his stomach. It was a unpleasant situation where a lot of murmur may have come and the whole bus may have gone into discussion phase and I would be the topic but that did not happen as all the people where concentrated in the movie going on in the Television. I just took out my jacket spoiled with my own vomit turned it upside down and cleaned the whole seat using that jacket and kept the jacket in my foot. I reached my bag and got hold of my trousers and cleaned all the spilled vomit using that trouser. I just had no idea what I am going to do. I just kept all those dirty clothes in my foot and just waited for the bus to stop for the passengers to have food. Just after five minutes of this event the bus stopped as the place for having dinner arrived. Everyone in the bus went out of the bus and I then changed all the clothes I was wearing there in my seat – inside the bus. After that I took out a red polythene out of my bag and then dumped all the dirty clothes (those on which I had vomited) inside that polyethene and went out to have something as I was a lot hungry after taking out all the things out of my stomach.

I went out and after that I tried to find Krishna and Rabin. I spotted Krishna with food tickets in his hand. We took our plates of food which was filled in with the typical Nepali food. Rice, Green Leafy Vegetables (Raya ko Sagh), Cauliflower and Potato dish (kauli and aalu tarkari), Meat (exactly 4 pieces – I do not know why I cared for this all things and the pieces of meat, sounds crazy but I seem to care all of these), pickle of tomato (tamatar ko achar). I had all the food in my plate. I did not take more than I had taken first time in plate. I did not have place to accommodate extra food for myself as my stomach told me I am full and can’t take more. But my friends Rabin seemed to be a lot hungrier than me. I thought vomiting thing was over but I was scared. I had a vomiting experience before but never had vomiting-in-seat-and-clothes experience ever before today so I called out co-driver (conductor of the bus) for some polythene where I could spill the vomit if I need to vomit again.
It was 9: 36 pm and I had some uneasiness coming to me. I knew I needed to throw out vomit, I opened the mouth of the polythene and vomited. My stomach had this amazing noise coming and this bitter taste in my tongue due to vomit made me feel abnormal. I was desperate to see myself doing that but I did not give up. I thought I will not spill out vomit now whatever be the case, as soon as that thought of mine ran through my brain I had vomited for the third time. Too bad for me, I was feeling pity for myself. I decided to take a nap and just forget about all these things and get better.
I suddenly woke up. The clock was showing 10:08 pm. I saw out of the window and saw the bridge of Narayani. “What a timing?”, a thought ran into my head. I am here at bridge of Narayani. This is most western part of Mahendra Highway I have reached till today and with this thought the bus crossed the bridge.

Cutting the wind and the fog like a blade the bus kept moving its wheels on and on and on. After that I did not have sleep and Rabin too did not have sleep so we started taking and went on and on and on talking about life experience, God, beauty of the world, about time travelling, about how to make things work in life and many more. We were tired of talking and both of us went for a nap in around 1: 30 am. It was Magh 1. We greeted each other with “Happy Maghi” and drifted off.
Next morning, I woke up and pressed the power button of my mobile to see the time. The clock showed 7:00 am. I opened the window pane and felt the cold breeze. I could feel the breeze going inside my nose to my neck to lungs making me as fresh as it could. After some time, I felt too cold and closed the window of the bus and started looking at houses, people, trees that our bus used to pass by. There was a sudden great fog in the way. I could not see anything outside. All I could see is a white fog floating all around. I had my guitar near me and took it out of the bag and vibrated its string to give a rhythm that could fresh my mind and soul. It was around 7:35 and fog started to disappear. As I was about to reach near the bridge of Karnali River, the cold breeze coming from the river had cleaned the foggy surrounding near there again I could see things clearly. I saw a one pillar bridge of Karnali. The blue water of Karnali, which provided the vibe of its freshness. The bus stopped in a shop exactly across the bridge of karnali. I went out and washed my face and got fresh and took the photo of the karnali bridge.

Here feeling the smooth wind gave a new experience. The wind hitting the face made me feel like the life is free. According to Rabin we were going to reach our destination in 20 minutes. We reached the station in around 17 minutes. Took a 3 minutes’ walk and reached home of Rabin and Krishna went to his home and I think I will be visiting Krishna tomorrow.
Travelling is fun but today it went stressful to calm to talkative to musical and that was fun actually. Although, this a western part of the Nepal and I am from the most eastern part of the country. There did not seem a huge difference in life of people here. The culture, food, people and their hospitality remain same as my hometown. Even if I have travelled this far it seems like I have travelled nowhere looking at these similarities.
Hence, the lesson that this journey gave me is about handling the situation even if we ourselves are in bad condition. The vomit thing, even the Rabin did not know about the vomiting thing. He came to know about that after he saw me in new clothes while we had been eating food. I am amazed by my ability there to calm down the situation and I travelled without disturbing anyone even if I could have.


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