One Night @ The Call Center : Book Review #1

 ” It will teach you the tips for looking into real you. Using the characters writers make you feel you have everything in you and  only you need to make sense and unlock your power to do things. “

I never had read any book to the end. Sometimes the complex vocabulary held me down and sometimes the content of the book make me close it and put it away from me. Saying honestly, I hadn’t finished any book till today. But the amazing face about today, I completed a book – 257 pages – in less than 24 hour. Pretty Amazing, right ?

You may already know the name of the book from today’s review topic – One Night @ The Call Center. I did not think that I will complete this book too like other previous book I had started reading in the past but fortunately I did. The book has an amazing content.

Author Chetan Bhagat, has reflected the problems of youth  in India in the book which almost is same for youth all round the world. The start of this book is amazing. The situation in the train at the start of the book reflecting the author’s life seemed amazing and a simple exercise at the beginning of the book to make the reader interactive is a good approach in my view. I am not going to tell what is the exercise I recommend you to go through that yourself.

“There are six people in the call center working and they receive a call. And that call was not from a ordinary one – the caller was the God.

Yeah, you read it right from God. 

This story has all mixture of thrill, fun, sex (a bit), love, romance, philosophy, human nature, youth problems, and also married ones and old age people problems.

Story is written in the first person. I like best thing in the story when it is written in first person. I do not know the taste of other people but I for sure like the – first person narration type.

The characters there are Shyam, Priyanka, Esha, Radhika, Varun, Military Uncle and Bakshi – (The Call Center Manager). The story is narrated in the first person by Shyam. In the story Shyam and Priyanka are lovers but at the start of the story they just have had a breakup.

Sounds sad as they are the cursed love birds at the beginning but the way they meet each other again and those flashbacks of their dates are amazing ending in one night is cool. Yeah but it is too long when we read about a night with those dating-flashbacks.

The amazing thrill that the story has is, is in the beginning. The storyteller – ( one who tells this story to the writer) forces writer to write the story as his second book or else she will not be telling the story to him. Yeah, tough situation for a writer but at last he agrees and the ends up giving us this amazing book to read.

While getting to the end of this book you really will get motivated. You will know four things which will make you help search what you are internally. It will teach you the tips for looking into real you. Using the characters writers make you feel you have everything in you and  only you need to make sense and unlock your power to do things. The epic motivation line “You should just try something or regret for not doing anything while death is in your door – is also reflected using the story.”

Moreover, I have no more words. Just go grab the book and read it. Just do not think much. And after you read the book let me know how was it with you. You experience is welcomed here always  ! Feel free to share things.

Sharing the experience is the way to gain one.

Have a read ! Have a life.

Stay Happy ! Stay Blessed



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