Mustang : The Beauty Of Himalayas

The beauty that never ends “Mustang”. A small village in the Himalayas that has been most amazing place in my life where I have ever visited. This place seems to be like heaven in the Earth.
After visiting this place I believe that Nepal is really gifted for its natural beauty. We have a lot to explore in our country.

I recommend people to visit this place once in their life. Mustang is a famous for Muktinath Temple. It is the holy shrine for all the Hindus and Buddhists. This can be taken as the symbol of religious tolerance. There are a lot of stories that are untold about this place. I was lucky that I was able to know some of them.

Don’t forget to talk to the local people if anyone of you are planning to visit Mustang. They are too friendly and you may be able to know many interesting things from them. I came to know about how people started living in that area. About the migrants that come from the Tibet.

And “Marpha” the apple cider that is made out of pure apple is famous in Mustang. This small village has apple farms in a large number. I had the chance to taste apples in one of the farm in Chu-Sang valley, Mustang. Wish you too get the chance to taste them.

Muktinath Temple Area

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