About Jail Jammers

Yeah that is what we decided to call it “Jail Jammers”. It’s sounds bit odd and meaningless but name is a name anyway. Let me take you to the ride of the game scenario.

This is a game where players themselves have a pawn which is considered to be prisoner and a dice too roll and move the steps and go through the board doing doing different fun stuffs. Sounds complicated, yeah it is what it is. But is that complicated, I do not think it is.

Yeah, you are prisoner in this game. Sounds cool right. Okay ! It may not be cool but I cannot say because it has not reached the real people yet. Let’s see the people reaction when they see this game. Speaking truth, couple friends of mine and some of my friend’s relatives think that the game is a complete shit. Yes, it may be. “Do not care those sort of people”, that is the opinion my supporters are providing me.

Okay !! I got distracted. I was explaining about the game. Let’s start from the beginning. So, this game can be played by 4 players. This game is designed for the age group 10+.

As said earlier, each player will be given a pawn as a prisoner and they need to free that prisoner as soon as possible and the one able to complete it the first is declared to be the winner. “Roll the dice, move the prisoner, do the stuffs, free him and win the game.” See its that easy. But honestly it took me and my friends to complete that game about 2 hours and 37 minutes. We enjoyed playing but a lot of stuffs to get done.


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