A thought that was never thought

About the Writing : This is a writing about a mushroom thought that has rapid effect in people’s life.

This is about that man who remains unhappy all the times. He has almost everything that could keep himself happy but never could smile. This is about him who has never in the world made any contribution to his happiness. He wants to be happy but never have ever been able to feel what is wrong with him.  

He never has thought that people live without houses in the roads but he has a house where he can stay securely and sleep securely. He never has thought that people do not get chance to eat for days where in turn he has been eating food every day. The trap of human psychology to get more is more than ever stored in him like a tornado that takes away all the things that come in its way. Here the tornado has his happiness.

He is killing his happiness every day making himself feel like he is not worth the happiness that comes to his door every day. The sun tells him that he can do more than he has. He has hope hidden inside but never have been able to explore that. He has never have ever faced himself with this magical question, “Why I am unhappy?”.

I wish I could make him think the way I think. I wish I could make him think that the health which he has right now is prayer of the patients who are lying somewhere in the bed of hospitals. I wish I could make him think that he has such friends which some people do not find in their lifetime. I wish I could make him think that he is one of the unique ones born in this world. I just wish but cannot tell because this he is not the only one friend sitting beside me but ones who are everywhere. This “He” represents all the people who are searching happiness in this world and not trying to understand who they really are. They never really have gone inside of their own. They never have ever been able to explore the truth that could change their life in a minute thought.

I wish and pray –

“Hey Almighty Thought that was never a thought please come to the people because you are the only thing in this world, the only boon in this earth that could even turn the stone into water.”

Ending this here, I am just leaving you all to see how happy you are and how you feel like being yourself.


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