People call it a “Measuring Device”

Yeah, people call it a measuring device because it a measuring device. But that is not just a measuring device it means a lot more to me than a simple measuring device. It is my second project using Arduino. You must be imagining what kind of measuring device it is. Let me tell you, it is a weight measuring device. Yeah, a simple weight measuring device.

Let me tell you about the project in a little more detail. The lines coming now may somewhat techy and may be hard to understand. Just kidding, I do not make my readers think that a lot. Just calm down. I am afraid you will stop reading now. Again, kidding a very habit of mine.

Okay, now I am getting more diverted. Let me tell about the project.

I am going to use a force sensing resistor to detect the force provided by the object. And using the Arduino I am going get those data into my computer and display it using a Visual Basic form. And program inside Arduino will be uploaded using Arduino IDE. A combo Arduino IDE, sensor, Arduino and Visual Basic. Yeah, I am doing this sort of digital project for the first time.

My first Arduino project was Line Follower Robot which was awarded first prize in “Yantra 2.0 East Regional Robotics Competition”.

I am not sure till now whether this coming weight measuring prototype will be wireless or wired. First, I will make it wired and after it becomes successful I will go for the wireless. May be I can make both of them and work with them.

I have teammate working with me in the project and he is none other than the one whom I have blogged few weeks ago. He is Rabin Shahi. You can read about the blog I made about him here.


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