The Unrevealed Humanity

Daily Prompt : Cacophony

I wonder why god send poor people to the earth. I just cannot see them living without houses and bitter part I cannot do anything about it.

In country like mine, Nepal, you can see a lot of people living in the roads, they have no house no relatives to be with. They sit in-front of the temple, public places and just wait whole day so that people would provide them  money and they can have food at night. Yeah, sorry to say that but they beg.

I just see a lot those people around. I have a echo inside my heart says that go and help them but cannot help them anyway that is the cacophony of my unrevealed humanity.

This cacophony makes me like I am just helpless than they are. Have you ever felt like helping the poor? Is your humanity is full of cacophony? Do you have a unrevealed humanity ? Let me know.


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