The Change that Changes


The people want to make changes in different things. They want to make this great thing called “impact”. I too want to make it. But speaking truly I do not know how to make an impact to the world.  I see a lot of people doing the same work that I do everyday for making an impact in the society, like collecting funds, clothes, goods, etc. for the orphanage, providing volunteering services, helping the adult people, giving basics training to code to juniors in school, participate afforestation program, etc.

In my belief the world is never going to change. Although, I see a lot of people doing the same stuffs I am doing, we are still behind. Daily hundred of people are doing the community services but still we have problems residing in our community. Thousands are collecting funds for different activities but still problems are not solved. Thousands of them come up with idea but some get implemented, etc.

So, there is a need of another thing that gives us the illusion to see the society the better way. That what will make us believe that we are actually are making the changes for better. And that is enlightenment.

Gautam Buddha said, “If we are enlighten then we will be living with the truth and that will neither make us sad nor happy. It will just make us the way we are meant to be naturally. We seek something and that something will make us what we are. If we seek bad we are bad and  if we seek good we are good. So, see the world in the way it is meant to be seen. Enlighten yourself to get uplifted.”

Yeah, it is true. That getting enlighten is hard because we ourselves are the obstacles in our work. Bitter truth, we cannot change the world in real, it goes in its natural way, all we can do get enlighten to see the world in the way we want and find the people with same mentality around us which makes us feel the change.




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