The Rudeness of People

People are all the same. They just like people who are in their favour and who will make them happy.

No one in the world will ever try to know your pain because people do not believe in feeling the pain, they just are habituated in dealing the pain.
Yeah ! “Dealing the pain”

Dealing refered as using the people pain to stimulate help in their own life. But you may say people do not see pain and pleasure in business time but it is the place where it is used the most.

If someone has something you need then when they are in need you just go and grab them and help out no matter what because you think they will too help you with the things you need.

But if in the same time you need to help someone who is not that profitable as the first one you would rather prefer the first one.

So when we are in problem and seek help same is the case with us. At that time if anyone helps other person leaving you to search help the same case described above is happening.

I do not claim that everyone is the same but eveyone does the same knowingly and unknowingly.

People today are both hunted and hunting each other. The world is full of terror and ouur emotions are something stimulating them everyday.People you all are not going to change a article reading quotes. Changes are meant to be internal from the very core of your mind and heart  to make marks.

So change for good.


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