Biriyani : Food Safari at Attariya, Kailali

 I also knew sometimes the food that looked very attractive can also result in being your worst experience. But this time the “God of Taste” seems to be with me.

With travelling not only comes fun but also, we have a chance to taste different foods from different places we travel to. Everyone loves eating food, but some people are choosy in their food. For example, some people fully dislike bitter gourd, even green leafy vegetables. I can tell you about a lot of people who dislike a lot of different food. You would be surprised to listen that I have a friend who just eats out rice, dal and potato fry every day and sometimes eats meat stuffs. That person never takes any vegetable other than potato. His eating habit is just out of this world for me as, I cannot live without giving my tongue a new taste. I need to taste almost one new thing in one week that I have never tasted in my life. But we are not that lucky every time, you are getting what I meant to say right? I am not lucky enough to taste a new food a week even I want to. Continue reading “Biriyani : Food Safari at Attariya, Kailali”


One Night @ The Call Center : Book Review #1

 ” It will teach you the tips for looking into real you. Using the characters writers make you feel you have everything in you and  only you need to make sense and unlock your power to do things. “

I never had read any book to the end. Sometimes the complex vocabulary held me down and sometimes the content of the book make me close it and put it away from me. Saying honestly, I hadn’t finished any book till today. But the amazing face about today, I completed a book – 257 pages – in less than 24 hour. Pretty Amazing, right ?

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Jail Jammers : Board Assembly

Designing works were pending and we did complete that. Now after we have finally assembled the first board of Jail Jammers seems we have been doing some progress in these days. Now the stuffs that are left to be completed is :

  • To design the game cards
  • To make the Jail Jammers logo

After this two work we will have our first board game prototype ready.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Yesterday with some of my friends we visited “Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.”

It was fun. We just had an about 2 hours walk and inside the national park. The immense beauty of scenery and the look of Kathmandu Valley from the top is inexpressible. You must be there to feel the beauty. We had some moments captured in our shots. We got to see this place filled with peace the monastery named “PALYUL DONGAG SHEDRUB OSEL NORBULING MONASTERY”. Really a long name, yeah but it was fun visiting there. Seeing places, meeting new people and exploring the world is what I love.

Some moments of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park:

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Mustang : The Beauty Of Himalayas

The beauty that never ends “Mustang”. A small village in the Himalayas that has been most amazing place in my life where I have ever visited. This place seems to be like heaven in the Earth.
After visiting this place I believe that Nepal is really gifted for its natural beauty. We have a lot to explore in our country.

I recommend people to visit this place once in their life. Mustang is a famous for Muktinath Temple. It is the holy shrine for all the Hindus and Buddhists. This can be taken as the symbol of religious tolerance. There are a lot of stories that are untold about this place. I was lucky that I was able to know some of them. Continue reading “Mustang : The Beauty Of Himalayas”

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