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All the stuffs related to philosophy are going to included in my new blog. Philosophical Talks - Philosophical Homes I wanted my this blog contain all the personal stuffs which I could share to the world but I also wanted my thoughts on society, people and their practices to be written down -- for the... Continue Reading →

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We are not fighting for caste, color and race, there is something else we fight for.

"Those who fight are the bad people. Good people like us never fight for anything, my cute little princess." "Why do people fight for caste, color and race?", I heard a little girl asking to her mother as I was about to set foot inside the bus. I turned my face and saw this innocent... Continue Reading →

Anticipating the Thought

Thinking makes an impact. But have you ever thought, how? Well there is no answer to that. What? Are you kidding you ask me a question in second person and you say you have no answer, what does that imply? That implies the world is fool and makes you think of the question you could... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, dimensions talk. I can feel cosmos calling me. I can feel thinking and the thought that are beyond me. I can see what others do not see. I can feel the way no one feels. Thoughts can be occupied but I can think even inside a thought and that sounds crazy. I may the... Continue Reading →

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