A thought that was never thought

About the Writing : This is a writing about a mushroom thought that has rapid effect in people’s life.

This is about that man who remains unhappy all the times. He has almost everything that could keep himself happy but never could smile. This is about him who has never in the world made any contribution to his happiness. He wants to be happy but never have ever been able to feel what is wrong with him.   Continue reading “A thought that was never thought”


People call it a “Measuring Device”

Yeah, people call it a measuring device because it a measuring device. But that is not just a measuring device it means a lot more to me than a simple measuring device. It is my second project using Arduino. You must be imagining what kind of measuring device it is. Let me tell you, it is a weight measuring device. Yeah, a simple weight measuring device.

Let me tell you about the project in a little more detail. The lines coming now may somewhat techy and may be hard to understand. Just kidding, I do not make my readers think that a lot. Just calm down. I am afraid you will stop reading now. Again, kidding a very habit of mine.

Okay, now I am getting more diverted. Let me tell about the project. Continue reading “People call it a “Measuring Device””

Coding for Cause

Yeah ! I code. I am not that expert in coding but have reached the intermediate of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). So I thought.

No no I did not think. My hostel roommate who is a batch senior of my college and I were having a immense chat on different powerful things that a computer program could perform. So, in the middle of our talk, he said me write a algorithm that could store the values of a array in random order. Continue reading “Coding for Cause”

Start of the Board Game Project

Now, I come to this idea simple enough to make a board game. I found a name for the game too, i.e. “Jail – Jammers”. I have a confusion where to start the game from.

Should I start designing the board or make out the rules and criteria for winning the game. But I am trying to figure that out and soon will start. Seems like now finally doing things.

Okay, you can provide some ideas for start thing.

And these two things I mentioned are the things that I need to complete first then I think I will be needing to search for the sponsors and do that marketing research thing.

The Ultimate Power of Breakup

Daily Prompt : Prefer

People come to your life with no reasons, but they leave a lot of reasons to love them.

Yeah, it happened. We had a break – up. Not days, not weeks just few hours ago. It was just a simple chat I was like a flood that takes away all the houses and people that come in its way. Yeah, we feel bad when you break up. But I have seen how powerful and productive can this break – up word can matter and be in your life.

Many people who had break up has done very productive things in their after life, – life after break up. Yeah, I too prefer to do that.

First we feel a lot about people and after we have something serious going on. Just a simple misunderstanding can destroy anything. She just ignores me, Continue reading “The Ultimate Power of Breakup”

Orange : The day I met Him

Daily Prompt : Orange

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.

Really a long list right. I derived it from https://www.bourncreative.com/meaning-of-the-color-orange/
Anyway definition is not something that I am blogging about today. As orange is the color of joy, fun, creativity, enjoyment and freedom. So, today I am blogging about this person whom I met in bus today while returning from my exam center. Continue reading “Orange : The day I met Him”

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