Sandesh : The Name that means “ A Message”

This is happening for the first time that I am not able to give a color to a person. I think I have either lost my creativity or am not able to give this wonderful guy a color that really suits all his personality. Maybe he is one of the colorful ones out of the people I met. And his name goes like “Sandesh Ghimire” – which means “a message”

He directly quotes , “ You are the one going to be the first to write about me.”

Well, well I am something who has done something for someone for the first time. So, I actually do not have a lot of idea about this person but I am sure that he is more beautiful from inside than I have seen him, more thoughtful than I think of him, more ambitious than he actually shows, more confident than he actually admits of and more friendly than he says that he is.

As people have multi-personality disorder he has the same with his ambition and thoughts. He wants to be a astrophysicist and a music expert – but here is where the problem arises he is not confident with both of his career and is in the thinking that he is not confident enough to pursue any of them. Continue reading “Sandesh : The Name that means “ A Message””


The Day of Meeting the Stupids Who Actually Are Not One

Then wanted a get together an around 7 months ago – formed a small chat room in the Facebook. I do not remember much but I guess I had been having some sorts of exam routine going on. I just used to view their talks but never replied one because I knew I was not going to be there anyway. Student life – directly synonym to study was something I too need to take care of. But they ended up having no get together in the date they were planning to meet each other was ruined due to some reasons I already had left the chat room and it was long since I had not heard a word from any of my school friends.

But in this auspicious occasion. Hey, no need to get surprised I too celebrate occasion sometimes, you know it really refreshes you. So, there was this date that everyone celebrates once a year only if you are born on Feb 30 you get this once in a four. You already know what I am talking about, yes it was my birthday as everyone guessed and if you did not have guess from my previous statement then you must have been the most idiotic person until now. Yes, until now because you are reading my blog and you are no more idiotic. That made you laugh did not that.

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The 9th Seat – Imagination Begins Here

Imagination is the only thing that comes for free and can be as precise as we want it to be. 

Aashutosh Sapkota

This blog is about the events of the travel based on yesterday’s event. I had a plan to upload this piece of blog yesterday but as soon as I connected my phone to the Internet and dropped a message to a friend on Facebook – I get a reply, “Get some rest ! You can blog it tomorrow.”

But whether she knows or not that tomorrow has been already a past today. It does not mean that she had a complete fault for making me not write the blog yesterday, it was me who needed to write and upload and I could have done it even I received any such messages and reply as above. And I could have been written it down in the morning or afternoon today. So, overall that is my fault.

I am just going off-topic. The most bad habit of mine I explain a lot of problems and never act on them and did you realize this part I too have a sense of realization but though I am fool who has not been able to correct myself. Now, If I write more in the context that does not deal the topic I am sure that you are going to stop reading this blog, commenting in your brain that everyone here is a time waster. They waste their time and also ours. If you are having that feeling then just don’t get offended and do not close this blog post. Let me start about the 9th seat.

You may be guessing what does that 9th seat mean. It is the seat number in my bus ticket while traveling from Kathmandu to my hometown Biratnagar. You must be surprised, right ! What does the title mean then “The 9th seat – Imagination Begins Here”. That is a bit tricky one and some of you must have got it at the first place but some of you may be confused till now. If you are one in the category of the people who are confused then don’t worry the next part or grammatically stating – the next paragraph for sure will make you clear about the title. Continue reading “The 9th Seat – Imagination Begins Here”

I too have friends, Guys !

Memories becomes a memory when written down to a paper – Aashutosh Sapkota

Describing memories they are always thought to be the good one and this time I guess I too have a good one. Memories are made by places, people, time and events. But is that all matters for a memory to be created. Well not ! It takes more than these, there is a thing called feelings that do create them. Feeling that occurred to you during that movement puts that to inside your brain. I may be wrong, I actually am wrong many times. Well, may I warn you that this blog is going to be a longer one and if you planning to read something short and sweet you should be shutting out this post.

We friends. Did I just said we friends ? Do not get amazed I too have friends, managed to make some. Actually I was in my way to upload the blog “Why I technically do not have friends?” But today this day spent with these crazy, logical, sweet, angry, adorable people made me change the post title to “I too have friends, guys !” Continue reading “I too have friends, Guys !”

Coin Collection : Started

Have you ever wanted to make collection of something?

I always have been a collector and want to have a great collection sets in future.

“So, What are you collecting of these days?”
“Collecting !!! I am afraid of nothing.”
“You always are collecting something right ! Why not these days ?”
“I guess I am out of ideas of collection.
I have collected a mess I guess. Anything that I thought to make collection of has been deposited to a place. Not actually a place, but inside a rack. Believe me it is a mess there.”
“I think you should look at that precious mess, you may find something interesting to make collection of.”
“Let us both go and look then”
“Sure !” Continue reading “Coin Collection : Started”

The 7 Chords of Guitar

The E, A, D, G, B, E strings of the guitar has always amazed me for their team work to give out melodious music. I always wanted to be a person who could help those strings to make those beautiful sound of theirs. But whenever I touched them they went violently like there are angry with me.

It is about 4 months ago when I first touched a guitar with my hands; the guitar of my hostel room-mate, before this event I just had seen it in television or in YouTube videos. I wanted to know how a guitar could produce music that beautifully only with its 6 strings. The furious anger of guitar on me went the same for days until I realized that I was the one treating the guitar the wrong way to make it go angry on me, there was no fault of guitar. I finally knew that there are sets of disciplines and this tricky things called “chords” that made the guitar to produce the music that made people never forget that there are places with cold breezes, there is a invincible thing called love, there is precious thing called feelings and emotions, and up above all there is hope that lies inside everyone of us hope that someday everything will be alright.

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Sometimes, We find unexpected things in the unexpected places. (Paulo Coelho’s – The Aleph)

The Aleph is an encounter with our fears and our shortcomings- a search for love and forgiveness, and the courage to confront the inevitable challenges of life.

I did not think much of this book when first I found it.

“Found it. What ?? You bought it, right.”

“No I did not bought it. I found it lying among the books in the scrapyard.”

“What were you doing there?”

“Remember I told you that I was working as a intern in “DHASSOO” where we up-cycled things from the scrapyard.”

“Yeah ! I do. Could you tell me how you finally got that book and decided to take home.”

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