Message To My Readers

All the stuffs related to philosophy are going to included in my new blog. Philosophical Talks - Philosophical Homes I wanted my this blog contain all the personal stuffs which I could share to the world but I also wanted my thoughts on society, people and their practices to be written down -- for the... Continue Reading →

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What am I searching for ?

Is it money?, Is it fame?, Is it knowledge? or Is it love I am searching for? Relating things, it always end up giving a conclusion that is not like something that gives a conclusion but the opposite, questions and more questions. But Karma is necessary I should keep falling forward, I must fail but... Continue Reading →

The Rain and The Umbrella

Everything in this world have their beautiful relation with someone but the relationship of the rain with the umbrella is something amazing. -Aashutosh Sapkota Umbrella is used in rains and during sunlight too but talking about the need of an umbrella we can clearly distinguish the more need factor and that tilts towards the rain.... Continue Reading →

I see you everyday out of my window

"It's been around 4 days and you are blooming outside my window. Every morning I wake up and pull my curtains to side and I see you smiling to me. I know you will wither after some days but before that let me make a memory of you in my blog."

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