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All the stuffs related to philosophy are going to included in my new blog. Philosophical Talks - Philosophical Homes I wanted my this blog contain all the personal stuffs which I could share to the world but I also wanted my thoughts on society, people and their practices to be written down -- for the... Continue Reading →

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Describing “It” : Aashutosh Poems’

We want everything of "it", but we can't get everything of "it". Unclear in itself, This statement explains every bit of "it". The "it" that needs a meaning, The "it" that cannot be defined by it's definition, The "it" that has no start The "it" that has no end The "it" that can start now... Continue Reading →

Pickle : Nepali Pickles

This note is for the people who are especially out of Nepal and does love trying the spices all around the world. If you are a foodie and ever been to Nepal I bet you must have tried pickles made here. Most of the pickles made here in Nepal are the mixture of pickle items,... Continue Reading →

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