Big Questions

what are you made for? do you think it is destiny. what are you made for? do you think it is life. you are mad, you are criminal, you are distracted, but remember you are fine. you are thinking a lot, you are thinking about life, start living and learn to die. die, die and... Continue Reading →


We call it a “Life”: Aashutosh Poems’

I am on the way to a dreamland, A dreamland that was cursed long ago, I am going to build it again, inch by inch, I will make everything appear the same, As it was the day before yesterday. I think I can and please do not stop me, Just because you were not able... Continue Reading →

How to install “Arduino IDE” in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS?

First of all download the software from the official arduino website: Download site:   Downloads links are presented by the red boxes. After the file is completely downloaded, open the folder where the downloaded file resides. arduino-nightly-linux64.tar.xz is our downloaded file. Now extract files from the above downloaded file and you will get something like... Continue Reading →

Poor Me: Aashutosh Poems’

Hey, It's poor me, poorer than the poorer, the poorest is what I can be, I can see the sunrise and sunset everyday with nothing building within me, I can assure you I am more poor than you, I just can donate my words but I can't buy yours, because they are expensive, louder to... Continue Reading →

Why rain is beautiful ?

You are life, you are beauty, you are happiness, you are rain.Aashutosh Sapkota Rain is beautiful. Yes, it beautiful for me but cannot be for everyone. Sometimes I too hate rain when it starts raining as I about to leave for an important work and I my umbrella goes missing. What do you all love... Continue Reading →

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